Top 5 Durable, Affordable and Beautiful Cuddler Recliner On The Market

Top 5 Durable, Affordable and Beautiful Cuddler Recliner On The Market

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If standard recliners are comfortable, then Cuddler recliners are super comfortable.  If standard recliners are amazing, then Cuddler recliners are super amazing. Cuddler recliners are also called double recliners, 2 or two-person recliners, or Cuddler couch. They are bigger and more spacious than standard recliners. They are very amazing furniture to have in the home for several reasons.

There are diverse models of Cuddler recliners with a wide range of features and functionality. This typically makes deciding which to buy a tough call. To simplify this, we reviewed hundreds and came up with the top 5 considering factors such as comfort, recline, style and design, support, as well as affordability. Before we get into the review of the Cuddler recliners that made our list, lets first consider why you need one of these recliners in your home.

Why You Need Large Cuddler Recliner

Investing in a large plush Cuddler recliner is a worthy investment. The benefits are numerous and clearly outweigh the cost. The following benefits will convince you that you need a large, two-person recliner.

  • Intimate time with your partner: you enjoy having intimate times with your partner? Cuddler couch will take the experience to another level. Imagine having a movie date with your partner in a large Cuddler recliner. Incredible. You get to sit intimately and cuddle your partner as you connect deeply. This can last ‘forever’ because double recliners are amazingly comfortable.
  • Family bonding: parents of young kids are given the priceless opportunity of bonding with their kids as they all get to sit in one Cuddler couch at once. They can engage in a number of activities such as watch movies, play word games, etc. This is important for the connection between parents and kids. This is equally true for large families.
  • Get your furry companions onboard: standard recliners are usually not big enough to conveniently accommodate pet owners and their pets hence limiting the pet-owner experience, which is as important as family bonding for some people. However, Cuddler recliner provides sufficient space for your pets – cars or dogs – to stay close to you as you relax. Therefore, if you are deeply connected or wants to be deeply connected with your pets, Cuddler couch is a good option for unhindered bonding time
  • Large people: tall and big people often have issues getting the perfect recliner chairs, 2 person recliner is the answer they seek. Double recliners conveniently accommodate this category of people. This is not to say small people are exempted from the fun; it actually means more fun.

Features of a Good Cuddler Recliner

If you are convinced you need a double recliner in your home and you want to get one, then you need to understand what makes a good Cuddler recliner.  What are the key features to look out for?

  • Full recline: I am starting with this feature because it is a very important one for me because I often find myself napping in my recliner chair.  Good Cuddler recliners are designed to recline back fully such that it becomes like a bed, allowing users to catch short duration sleeps. This is key for people who have difficulty sleeping hence any minute of sleep matters. If they have to get up from their reclining chair, they might not be able to sleep eventually.
  • Heat: just try picture what it will be like if you can turn heat just by pushing a button while cuddling in a chair on a chill evening. Heavenly! Good Cuddler recliners are designed with a heat system mechanism to warm users. This is a very important feature for people living in cold regions or during the cold periods of the year such as winter.
  • Inner springs: top-end, which does not necessarily mean expensive, Cuddler recliners are designed with inner springs to provide adequate support for users, makes the padding feel better, and ultimately better relaxation. 
  • Rocket Reclining: good Cuddler recliners come with rocking function. This gives users a better overall experience by soothing and reducing stress. This is particularly important for kids.

Best Cuddler Recliner Materials

When buying a double recliner, you also need to check the material. There are several types that may not necessarily be based on which is best but which do you prefer? Let us consider the components of top Cuddler recliners.

  • Foam padding: this is by far the most popular stuffing used for recliners. This is due to the super comfortable characteristics of foam. Top high-density foam with memory or soft foam.
  • Steel or hardwood: Cuddler recliners cannot be made with unproven base materials hence the base of top double recliners is made with very solid materials such as steel or hardwood. This allows it to provide adequate support for all kinds of body shapes and sizes. This equally makes them very durable.
  • Leather or microfiber: traditionally, leather is favored for upholstery and is obviously still the best. The quality and durability of leather are directly linked to its thickness. The thicker, the better. Despite the popularity of leather, some users want something softer hence the use of microfiber which is soft and offers greater comfort. Both are easy to clean and maintain.

Top 5 Cuddler Recliners

  1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design 5780252
Ashley signature design Cuddler Recliner

This is an amazing Cuddler recliner with a style that blends perfectly with almost any kind of home decor and offers super comfort. It is loaded with functionality yet very cheap. It is perfect for tall and big people as well as provide small and short people more fun.

Key features

  • Comfort: it is a super comfortable and warm 2 person recliner. It is large enough to comfortably sit all the members of a small family as they have fun. It is very easy to sleep off in this chair especially when you are tired. The back and seat are overstuffed. The arm cushions are also well padded. The coils and springs included in the design give extra comfort to users.
  • Support: this is a very sturdy Cuddler recliner that adequately supports the weight of two people, including big and tall people. Parents can comfortably cuddle with their kids in this double recliner, likewise pet owners.
  • Size – space: this cuddler couch can be positioned directly against the wall because it is a zero wall recliner. It doesn’t require being moved forward for reclining hence saves space.


  • Back, seat, and arms are overstuffed
  • Zero wall recliner – does not require being moved forward for recline
  • Microfiber upholstery
  • Metal reinforced seats
  • Foam cushion


  • Beautiful and sturdy engineering
  • Easy to assembly: does not require the service of a professional or prior experience
  • Very comfortable
  • Cushion is firm
  • Perfect for large and tall people


  • Except it is not your taste, there’s hardly a weakness


Ashley Furniture is known for beautiful, high-quality, comfortable, and supportive recliners, Ashley Furniture Signature Design 5780252 lives up to all these characteristics. This cuddler recliner holds great comfort for you, your family, and your pet. It is highly recommended.

  • CANMOV Power Lift Cuddler Recliner

This is a high-quality yet affordable cuddler recliner that effortlessly fits into different decor. It is equally loaded with amazing features that work together to give users ultimate comfort.

Key features

  • Comfort: this is a super comfortable cuddler recliner. The foam is overstuffed to provide extra comfort. It can be easily reclined to a preferred position and won’t jerk as it reclines, unlike myriads of recliners. This swift and itchless recline is made possible by the electric powering.
  • Support: it features sturdy engineering that allows it to effectively support different types and sizes of body weight. At the push of a button, it reclines without requiring any effort from you.
  • Size: as typical of a cuddler recliner, it is large enough to comfortably seat a mini family yet won’t take too much living room space.


  • Back, seat, and arms are overstuffed
  • Electric powering for effortless recline
  • Sturdy construction – solid metal frame
  • Has side pocket for keeping things like remote and magazine


  • Amazing design
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • It is generally excellent


CANMOV Power Lift Cuddler Recliner is an excellent double recliner with lots of features designed to support users and give ultimate comfort. It is easy to assemble as well as use.

  • Simmons Upholstery 59433BR-195

Simmons is popular for making very comfortable chairs at affordable prices; Simmons Upholstery 59433BR-195 is a perfect example and is one of their best-selling chairs. An outstanding part of the functionality is that it is easy to adjust, allowing users to stretch out as they like. It works very well in easing joint aches. Its contemporary design easily fits any room decor.

Key features

  • Comfort: The back and arms are overstuffed making it a very comfortable chair to sit in.
  • Support: it is a solid chair made of hardwood lumber that provides adequate support for users and is very durable. High-density foam as well as pocketed coils used in the design give extra support to this cuddler couch.
  • Size: it is large enough to easily accommodate two tall and large people.


  • Sturdy or solid engineering
  • The seats and footrests are reinforced with metal
  • The arm pads are overstuffed
  • Sinuous wire springs
  • Pocketed coil seating


  • Beautiful
  • Solid construction
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Generally excellent


Simmons Upholstery 59433BR-195 is a very sturdy and comfortable two-person recliner. It is highly recommended especially for people with joint aches. It catches the eye and is easy to maintain.

  • Best Choice SKY 2770

Best Choice has been consistent in making high-quality and features-loaded chairs. It has a very stylish outlook due to the PU leather upholstery. It fits well almost any decor hence is perfect for any room in the home.

Key features

  • Comfort: the cushions and armrests are well padded hence making it a very comfortable cuddler recliner. It offers both reclining and rocking function, taking comfort to another level.
  • Support: the engineering is very solid, designed to support up to 450 pounds weight. The steel frame holds up well under the weight of tall and large people.
  • Size: it is a large recliner chair that will conveniently accommodate two tall and large people.


  • Solid construction – steel frame
  • The leather upholstery, as well as cushions, are padded
  • Supports up to 400 pounds


  • Elegant design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy frame
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy recline


  • A wooden lever made for the reclining function is not as easy as a button push.


Best Choice SKY 2770 is an elegant and sturdy design from Best Choice. It is very comfortable, spacious, and supportive. It is very perfect for large people, as well as tall people.

  • Lane Home Furnishings 50755BR-195

Talk of style, quality, and value are the key characteristics of Lane Home Furnishings. This cuddler recliner from them is innovative and comfortable.

Key features

  • Comfort: C3 pocket coil seating is used in the build of this double recliner to give users ultimate comfort. The cradling and warm feeling of the contoured seating are better experienced than imagined. It reclines easily and smoothly without any effort from users, thanks to the power recline and lift. In addition to this, it offers customized comfort to users via its perfect pitch adjustment feature. Finally, reclining positions are unlimited.
  • Support: the engineering of this two-person recliner is one of the most innovative in the market. It is solid and supports up to 500 pounds of weight.
  • Size: this double recliner from Lane Home Furnishings is really big and will take up a bit of space.


  • Sturdy construction – the frame is made of high carbon steel
  • Supports up to 500 pounds weight
  • Features C3 pocket coil seating
  • Has zero-gravity motion
  • Perfect pitch adjustment
  • Foam seat cushions
  • Pros
  • Strong and durable build
  • Customized comfort
  • Unlimited reclining positions
  • Quiet operations
  • Easy to recline
  • Perfect for big and tall people


  • It is hard to pick a fault


Lane Home Furnishings 50755BR-195 is a very sturdy and comfortable double recliner with amazing capacity. Its ability to withstand up to 500 pounds weight means it can accommodate more people. The power recline and lift which allows effortless recline makes it a very good option for elderly people.

Advantages of sitting in a recliner

Amazing comfort

Recliner chairs are generally super comfortable chairs. Users experience a level of comfort that is very hard to describe. Beginning from the sturdy build to the high-quality upholstery, everything speaks comfort. They are perfect for both young and old people, provide great comfort for people who have issues getting up from traditional chairs.

Pain reliever

Body pain, especially back pain, is a very common problem affecting most adults. Recliner chairs provide the perfect avenue to destress after a long day at work, allowing muscles to relax. Adults or old people who have body pain issues are able to find amazing reprieve in this category of chairs. They are designed to distribute body weight evenly hence alleviating the pressure on joints and muscles. Generally, it supports the whole body and ultimately ease body pains.

Enhances blood flow

Sitting and standing for several hours is not good for the body. They have far-reaching effects including hampering blood flow. E.g. standing for too long will reduce blood flow to the head which could then cause other health issues like fainting. Recliner chairs take out these problems, improving blood flow, and ultimately improving the health of users.

Improves mobility

There are a lot of people, especially older adults, who experience stiff joints and muscles when getting up from traditional chairs. They often require help getting and have difficulty moving freely. Recliner chairs do not just relax all the muscles, the reclining function makes getting up much easier. Muscles and joints are relaxed and they can get up in an almost upright position in certain cases.

Improved productivity

Body pain or any other related health problems could cause very excruciating pain that could at least distract people, even at work, hence affecting their focus which will eventually tell on productivity. By relieving body pain and improving general health, recliner chairs help users find fresh energy for life and ultimately improve their productivity.

Better quality of life

This is the end product of the attention we pay to our wellbeing. Different degrees of back or body pain have differing effects on the quality of life we live. With the pain-relieving and blood circulation effects of recliner chains, users will end up with a better quality of life.


Cuddler recliners are large, comfortable, and durable chairs that will conveniently accommodate a number of family members for a fun time or bonding. It also gives partners the opportunity to experience a deeper level of intimacy. Pet owners are not left out. They are generally stylish and beautiful chairs hence are perfect furniture for the living room. Read the review above properly before going ahead to purchase one. You may want to check our review of a chair and a half recliner.