Top Best 10 Catnapper Recliners On The Market In 2021

Top Best 10 Catnapper Recliners On The Market In 2021

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Catnapper Recliners

Catnapper recliners are extra comfortable brands of recliners. They are usually very spacious allowing you to curl up in the chair in a bid to enjoy great relaxation. This category of recliners is among the coziest and most comfortable recliners in the market.

The construction, the mechanisms, and the upholstery are all tuned towards adequate support and ultimate comfort for users. There are diverse models of catnapper recliners to pick from. To make purchasing a catnapper recliner easy for busy users, we reviewed tons of catnapper recliners and came out with the top 10.

Top 10 Catnapper Recliners

Catnapper Ultimate Power Lift Recliner Chair

The great features and functionality of this catnapper recliner set it apart as one of the most outstanding amongst other catnapper chairs in the market.

The innovation and style of this catnapper chair are amazing. For sturdiness, 8-gauge steel springs are put in the base hence is perfect for rugged usage.

It is cushioned with gel-infused foam to give users ultimate comfort. The amazing comfort provided by this catnapper recliner is largely accounted for by the comfort gel and coil sitting. The coil setting system also helps to keep the chair comfortable for many chairs.

It is anything but difficult to control. The reclining part and the back can be controlled separately due to the inbuilt electric motor. It offers one of the best reclining mechanism with its almost flat reclining – it reclines up to 180 degrees. The footrest is raised to almost the same level as the heart to offer a mattress-like experience. This improves circulation and takes the pressure off the back, giving extra comfort to users.

It comes in two different colors, offering a bit of flexibility in preference.


When it comes to napping or having a great time watching a favorite show, this catnapper power lift chair is hard to beat. Primarily designed with the peculiar needs of seniors in mind, it offers adequate support and comfort to the world elderly. Younger people are not left out of the ultimate comfort offered by this chair. It is pretty comfortable, easy to control, and very durable.


  • Strong and quality construction  
  • Premium materials are utilized for the upholstery
  • Reclines to almost a flat position (180 degrees)
  • 8-gauge steel springs are used for the base, giving stability and durability
  • High-thickness foam is used for the cushioning
  • Perfect for elders and taller individuals


  • The appearance is a thing of concern for some users
  • Does not have set up instruction though it is easy to set up


Catnapper Ultimate Power Lift Recliner Chair is a highly recommended catnapper recliner for a wide range of users including people with mobility problems such as seniors. It is very comfortable, easy to use, and durable.

  • Catnapper Magnum Chaise Oversized Rocker Recliner Chair
Catnapper Magnum Chaise Oversized Rocker Recliner Chair

Magnum Chaise catnapper recliner is an oversized rocker recliner. It will conveniently accommodate big or heavy users. It also has a great appearance that will easily blend with any décor, giving the room a better look.

The upholstery is soft and feels nice on the skin. It is very cozy and comfortable. It is designed with multiple massage settings for better relaxation.

The backrest is contoured to give adequate support to the back, especially the lumbar region. Steel is used for the construction of the base, bringing about stability and durability. Premium wood is used for the frame to ensure adequate support.


  • Nice recliner for any space
  • Very comfortable
  • Soft and well-cushioned upholstery
  • Several massage settings for extra comfort
  • Durable


  • Getting up from this chair may not be the easiest, especially for people with mobility problems
  • The reclining mechanism is not silent


Besides the reclining mechanism which is not silent and the difficulty in getting out of this chair, it is a perfect catnapper recliner. Support and comfort are top-notch. The deal-breaker is the size. The durability is also amazing.


Catnapper Magnum Chaise Oversized Rocker Recliner Chair is a nice and comfortable recliner to have in your living room. Its extra-large size is one of the most attractive features; it allows users to stretch out as well as curl. It is highly recommended for people without mobility problems.

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  • Jenson Power Life Lay Flat Recliner 
Jenson Power Life Lay Flat Recliner

This is another amazing catnapper recliner with the ability to recline up to 180 degrees, almost a flat position. It is upholstered with suede material that gives an amazing feel of leather hence is a great option for users who would do anything to have leather-feel. The upholstery is soft and well-cushioned. The seat is supported with an advanced comfort coil seating designed to get rid of any fear of the coil puncturing the upholstery which was a concern in previous similar models. The coil seating provides adequate support for users.

This is a perfect catnapper recliner for big and tall people owing to its sturdy engineering and ability to accommodate up to 400 lbs.


  • Can accommodate up to 400 lbs hence is perfect for tall and heavy users
  • It reclines up to 180 degrees for better users’ experience
  • The inbuilt advanced coil seating gives extra support and comfort


  • Though the soft and comfortable leather is great to have any day, users who fear the heat and sweating problems of leather will have to check another model on the list with microfiber upholstery.


Jenson Power Life Lay Flat Recliner is very comfortable especially for all users that prefer leather upholstery. The advanced coil seating provides reliable support and the overall generous cushioning gives ultimate comfort. Its ability to recline to an almost flat position has numerous benefits for users including better circulation and relieving back pain.


This heavy-duty catnapper recliner accommodates up to 400 lbs yet reclines smoothly to a flat position. For all users who love leather upholstery and want adequate support and comfort, Jenson Power Life Lay Flat Recliner is highly recommended.

  • Catnapper Deluxe Magnum Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner 
Catnapper Deluxe Magnum Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner

This is a high-quality catnapper recliner with extra features for additional comfort. The heat and massage settings make this recliner one of the best to relax in after a long and busy day. It gently massages the muscles of the body to give a great pain-relieving effect that ends in amazing relaxation. 

The reclining mechanism is very smooth and silent. It lays back like a standard mattress to give users ultimate comfort. Sinuous springs are included in the design for additional support, improved flexibility, and extra comfort. 

The frame is made of hardwood and steel brackets are used for the corners. This different arrangement contributes greatly to the higher comfort and durability of this chair. 


  • Heat and massage settings for better relaxation 
  • Steel springs for strength, support, and durability 
  • It is flexible 
  • Better durability 


  • Some users are not pleased with the overall comfort 


It is a pretty comfortable catnapper recliner. The massage feature contributes largely to the comfort provided. The springs play key roles in general strength and support. The different arrangement of the base enhances the quality and durability. 


Catnapper Deluxe Magnum Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner is a great catnapper recliner to have in the home. After a long and stressful day, get in it for a super relaxing moment. It is very flexible and durable. 

  • Catnapper Burns 4847 Recliner 
Catnapper Burns 4847 Recliner

This is an incredibly wide catnapper recliner. It is big enough to seat small-sized to mid-sized couples who seek to have a great time watching their favorite show – that is it works perfectly as a Loveseat. To ensure adequate support for users, it is engineered to accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight. This buttresses the claim for usage as a Loveseat.

It is upholstered with velvet upholstery which feels really nice on the skin and is very cozy. The adjustability of the angle allows users to enjoy extra comfort.

It is very easy to use or control by a wide range of users. It comes with electronic controls that move the chair in the users’ desired direction. This, together with the lift assist system, makes it a perfect recliner for seniors and people with mobility problems.

The reclining mechanism is smooth and gentle, with the footrest controllable independent of the back. This gives users additional comfortable positions.

It comes in several colors, allowing users to enjoy a great deal of personalization or customization.


  • Strong construction
  • Has several bright colors that will make any space look better
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • The footrest works independently of the back
  • very spacious – can seat two people
  • Has inbuilt lift assist system for easy getting in and out of the chair
  • pretty comfortable
  • Great price for its features
  • Reclines smoothly and gently


  • The only obvious downside to this catnapper recliner is that it is not ideal for petite users who may find themselves sunk in. This will compromise the support and comfort offered.


The very first performance to highlight is the life assist system that helps users with mobility problems regain a level of independence. This makes life easier for users as well as the people around them. It lifts or tilts to allow users to sit down and stand up easily and unassisted. In addition to this, the recliner is controlled by easy to reach buttons on the side. It is very comfortable and cozy.


For people looking to buy very spacious catnapper recliners, Catnapper Burns 4847 Recliner is a great option to have. Its extra width and height allow it to accommodate big and tall people conveniently. It is also a great option for couple cuddling as well as bonding between parents and children. It is highly recommended for elders and people with mobility problems. It is elegant, easy to use, comfortable, and durable.

  • Catnapper Chaise Rocker Recliner in Doe
Catnapper Chaise Rocker Recliner in Doe

This catnapper recliner is designed to provide adequate support to almost any user, including oversized people and people with mobility difficulties. One of its best features is the lift mechanism which helps users to get in and out of it easily. This is a really good feature for seniors.

It is built to provide ultimate comfort. The base and frame are made of strong and durable materials that will stand up to any level of rugged usage. It is upholstered with soft and cozy suede material.

It ranks highly among the best catnapper recliners, both in terms of features (functionality) and the durability.


  • Very comfortable
  • Highly functional
  • Durable
  • Extensive support
  • Easy to use


  • An obvious weakness is the inability of users to adjust the rocking mechanism


This highly functional catnapper recliner lives up to the expectations of being one of the best. It supports a wide range of body sizes and shapes. Its durability is also worthy of a mention.


If you want a catnapper recliner that will support your extra pounds, Catnapper Chaise Rocker Recliner in Doe is a great option. It is highly functional and durable.

  • Catnapper Cloud 12 Chaise Recliner
Catnapper Cloud 12 Chaise Recliner

This is an extremely solid and exquisite catnapper chair. It is quite big, allowing users to take a number of comfortable positions as they seek ultimate relaxation and comfort. The inbuilt 8-gauge spring system helps to provide adequate support for all necessary parts of the body hence taking pressure off the body. This culminates in a cloud-like or floating experience as indicated in the name. The seat is very much padded and the armrests are well-cushioned to give unrivaled unwinding and comfort to users.

The reclining mechanism works smoothly and silently to allow users to use the recliner at any time without unsettling anybody.

The height of the back is another feature users are drawn to. It is high enough to accommodate users above 6 feet. At the same time, it is wide enough to accommodate big and heavy users. Therefore, it is a perfect chair for tall and big users to nap in.

As far as the setup is concerned, just a few cords and a couple of parts require plugging in and sliding in respectively. This does not require any mechanical expertise or inclination. However, users with mobility problems will find it quite challenging because it requires a bit of moving, turning, and bending.


  • Solid construction
  • 8-gauge steel used for support, reliability, and durability  
  • Floating or space-like experience
  • Seat is well-cushioned and armrests well-padded
  • Leans back smoothly and silently
  • Perfect for tall and big users


  • It is quite big hence it is not ideal for small spaces
  • Some users express concerns about the quality of the cushion


When it comes to having a great combination of style and functionality, Catnapper Cloud 12 Chaise Recliner is among the best. It will make any space look better.It supports a vast majority of users due to its sturdy engineering. It adequately supports a wide range of body shapes and sizes.It is great to nap in and big enough for users to curl up for extra relaxation and comfort.


Catnapper Cloud 12 Chaise Recliner is an elegant and pretty comfortable catnapper recliner. The build is strong and the cushioning is great. Users who need a catnapper recliner to bear their weight gracefully while they stretch out after a long day has got one in this.

  • Catnapper Rocker Recliner in Chocolate 
Catnapper Rocker Recliner in Chocolate

This is a distinctive catnapper recliner. It is designed with a compartment back design that contributes to its durability. It is cushioned with comfort gel foam and supported by comfort coil seating to provide amazing support and comfort. It has a total of 65 coils – 15 gauge heat tempered coils and additional 50 coils beneath the seat for improved seating experience. 

The base is constructed with a steel box which enhances its stability, support, and durability. 


  • It is upholstered with soft and durable fabric
  • The base is made with steel
  • Very comfortable 
  • Durable 


  • It is only available in polyester material which some users may not like.


The overall performance of this catnapper recliner is really good. It’s great cushioning and coil support culminates in ultimate comfort. The appearance is equally great, as well as the durability. 


Catnapper Rocker Recliner in Chocolate is an excellent recliner option for users looking to have adequate body support and ultimate comfort. It is highly functional and durable. 

  • Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner 
Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner

This is also a great catnapper recliner for tall and heavy people. The width, diameter, and height are 42 inches, 43 inches, and 44 inches respectively.

It is upholstered with fluffy suede fabric upholstery and cushioned with comfort-gel memory foam for floating experience and ends in the provision of extra comfort.

The engineering is very sturdy to ensure adequate support and durability. The color variations allow users to choose the color that best suits their space hence giving a customized or personalized experience.


  • Strong build
  • perfect for tall and big people due to its great height and width
  • Soft upholstery that feels nice on the skin
  • Gives ultimate support and comfort
  • Color variations for customization


  • This is another catnapper whose obvious weakness is the big size. Frankly, this seldom counts as a weakness. However, smaller people may have to go for more compact models for adequate support and ultimate comfort.  


Tall, wide, sturdy, well-cushioned, well-padded, and durable, Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner is a must-have catnapper recliner in any living room. It supports the body so many users enjoy a floating experience where pressure is taken off the body.


For tall and heavy users who have space to space, this is the catnapper recliner to get for adequate support and ultimate comfort. It is one of the best catnapper recliners hence it is highly recommended. It is also very sturdy and durable.

Catnapper Swivel Glider Recliner in Chestnut Finish

This is a premium-looking catnapper recliner. It is upholstered with thick Italian leather that looks so amazing. For all lovers of leather upholstery, this is the catnapper recliner to purchase.

It offers the functionality of high-end furniture. Heat tempered coils are included in the design for support and durability.

The reclining mechanism, based on steel reclining technology, is smooth and silent. The base is also made of steel to ascertain adequate support and durability. The features work together to give users ultimate comfort as well as relieve back problems.


  • The leather upholstery has a high-end look
  • Sturdy and supportive
  • Durable
  • Easy to swivel


  • The swivel is perhaps too easy


This recliner will add glamour to any room. Besides the gorgeous appearance, it is strong, comfortable, and durable.


Catnapper Swivel Glider Recliner in Chestnut Finish is a nice addition to any living room. If you love leather upholstery and want to enjoy ultimate comfort, this is worth considering.

Key Features to Consider in Catnapper Recliners

  • Comfort

Comfort is the very first and most important factor in any furniture. It entails numerous details including the kind of material used, the strength of the recliner, the technology employed, as well as the features on offer. When selecting a catnapper recliner, pay attention to features that meet your peculiar needs because that is where ultimate comfort lies.

  • Style

It is impossible to ignore how a recliner looks. Choose something that flows with your space.

  • Maintenance

Another very important factor is how easy it is to maintain the recliner. This depends largely on the material used. Leather upholstery is usually the easiest to maintain but can be sweaty in hot weather. Therefore, it is vital to find balance.

  • Durability

Finally, it is vital to invest in a recliner that will last a number of years.


Catnapper recliners are amazing furniture for outstanding relaxation and extreme comfort. They are typically big and tall hence are very ideal for big and tall people. There are also more compact models for smaller users. If you want a recliner in which you can rest or nap after a long day to enjoy unprecedented relaxation, catnapper recliners are the most suitable recliners for this. Check the review of the Top 10 catnapper recliners above before placing an order.