How To Choose The Best Lift Chair Recliner

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Lift Chair Recliner

A lift chair recliner has numerous benefits for all users. Fortunately, it is very easy to operate but some people may still find it hard to operate or lack the basic awareness to operate it. Therefore, it is important to ensure the user can navigate it. Also, using a lift chair comes with the risk of weakening certain muscles because it takes over their functions. For example, someone recovering from stroke should discuss with his or her physiotherapist or occupational therapist the suitability of a lift chair recliner. The specialist may suggest specific exercises to ensure the muscles remain active.

Mobility is grossly underrated by most of us until we get to an age where things we used to do effortlessly begin to require much effort. This can also be caused by ailments. One of the most common mobility problems is difficulty standing or sitting. Lift chairs are designed for this purpose – to help you stand or sit with lesser effort.

Lift Chair Recliner – What You Need To Know

Lift chair recliners are also commonly called power lift recliners, rise-and-recline chairs, or electric lift chairs. These types of recliners look like standard recliners and function in the same manner except the fact that they don’t only recline but also help to lift users to make getting out of the chair easier, an important factor for people with mobility problems.

Lift chairs are very important to elders, people with back injuries, carers, and a wide range of other people. It reduces the embarrassment of having to depend on others for the basic ability to stand or sit. There are various lift chairs on the market hence it is imperative to get the right one for you. If you are considering getting a lift chair recliner for yourself or a loved one, the following tips will help you choose the best.

Things To Look For In Lift Chair Recliners


Lift chair recliners come with a single motor or dual motor operation. The back recline and leg rest of the former are controlled by one operating panel. They are easier to operate and usually less expensive but offer fewer positions. In dual motor lift chair recliners, the backrest and leg rest are independently controlled. It offers many more seating positions, making it more suitable for people who find it hard to get a comfortable position.


Size is another important consideration. It imperative that the chair fits your specifications allowing you to sit comfortably with your arms well supported. In a standard seat position, your feet should rest on the floor with your legs at a 90-degree angle. For better flexibility, choose one with adjustable seat depth.

Also, you have to consider the amount of space you have in your room. Standard recliners require much space but you can go for space-saving recliner options if your room is small.


This is definitely the most important consideration when choosing any chair. It is more so for lift chairs because you are more likely to spend more time in them.

Some key comfort features to check are the padding and upholstery. Choose a chair with adjustable padding to increase the personalization experience. As for fabric, suede upholstery is soft and easy to clean but medical-grade Dartex upholstery is a better option for people sitting for several hours daily. The latter distributes the user’s weight across the surface hence reducing the risks of pressure injury.


Our financial strength varies greatly, so also the prices of lift chairs. Some are twice as expensive as others and single motor lift chairs are usually cheaper. Given the roles played by lift chairs, sometimes you have to go for the more expensive option, e.g. someone who finds it difficult to get a comfortable position has to buy a lift chair with a dual motor. You can get a lift chair for as low as $1300.

Style and Color

Lift chairs feature a wide range of designs and colors, choose the one that goes with your room theme but don’t place style above comfort.


Lift chair recliners are a very vital mobility aid. In addition to their ability to recline, they are designed to gently help you to a standing position. They also make sitting easier. They are recommended for elders, people with back problems, as well as stroke patients among others. There are different kinds of lift chair recliners; the tips above will guide you in choosing the best one for you or your loved one.