Buffy Comforter Review – Complete Buyer Guide For 2021

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Buffy Comforter Reviews

Buffy is one of the latest brands in the furniture industry, especially regarding beddings. Innovative materials and designs are used in producing comfy products that are also cruelty-free. Natural and biodegradable materials are used making Buffy products both human-friendly and environment-friendly.

Buffy products show innovative and impressive application to the concept of a mattress-in-a-box. Given the recent popularity of this concept and how well Buffy has done, we committed substantial effort and time to give a detailed review of Buffy products. This Buffy Comforter Review covers the material used, the support provided, the ultimate, its edges over similar products, and why you should buy it.

Buffy Comforter Reviews

Buffy Cloud Comforter

Buffy comforter

This is the very first product from Buffy and was originally launched as Buffy Comforter. Buffy Cloud Comforter or Buffy Comforter if you prefer to call it that is indeed a true representation of the brand’s mission. It is super comfortable and will keep users warm even in cold climates.

Materials used in making Buffy Comforter

Let’s begin with the resistant shell which is made of biodegradable lyocell. The biodegradable lyocell is gotten from eucalyptus hence the footprint is better than what is obtainable with popular materials including cotton. This shell contributes to its long-term use before washing – it is resistant to mildew, mold, and dust mite. Pillowy fibers are used as the filling of Buffy Comforter. This filling is completely sourced from recycled PET plastic bottles. Both the biodegradable lyocell and recycled PET plastic bottles make this bedding one of the most environmental-friendly beddings.

The materials used in the production of this comforter are its distinguishing factors. Besides being safe, the materials are also amazingly fluffy and cozy. It is imperative to highlight its fluffiness and coziness because it is not unusual for potential customers to think it will not be very fluffy and cozy because of the use of recycled bottles. The producer described Buffy Cloud Comforter as “finer than an eyelash and silky soft in texture.” The eucalyptus shell is also very smooth and the manufacturer describes it as smoother than cotton.

The material is quite breathable and does not retain heat as much as down feathers, enhancing the ultimate comfort offered by this comforter hence it is relatively perfect for certain levels of summer and winter experience.

Other details

Buffy Cloud Comforter has different sizes including California king, Twin XL, and Twin hence almost all users will find their perfect sizes.


  • Has a resistant shell hence it does not require frequent washing and it is easy to maintain
  • Fluffy and cozy filling
  • 100% recycled PET plastic bottles


  • When washing is required, dry cleaning is recommended which may be inconvenient for people who prefer beddings with easy washing
  • Despite the amazing comfort provided by this bedding, it may be too hot for some users especially people in very warm climates or warm seasons


Buffy Cloud Comforter is very affordable. The prices are amazing especially in comparison to the level of comfort enjoyed. The prices range from $130 to $200 for Twin and King size respectively.


Buffy Cloud or Buffy Comforter, as initially called, is a cozy, fluffy, breathable, and soft comforter hence gives users amazing comfort. It is recommended for all users especially those not in very warm climates. If you want an easy wash comforter, this may not be for you as laundry is recommended.

Buffy Breeze Comforter

Buffy Breeze comforter

Buffy Breeze comforter is the second comforter from Buffy. Just like the Buffy Comforter, this product is aimed at not just giving users ultimate comfort but also provide an eco-friendly experience. It is targeted at meeting the needs of users in very warm environs. It is highly breathable and soft to the touch hence giving an incredible level of comfort.


Just like Buffy Cloud Comforter, Buffy Breeze comforter is made of a resistant shell that is made up of lyocell. Lyocell gotten from eucalyptus is biodegradable hence is eco-friendly which is why eco-minded people love Buffy and it is one of the outstanding features of the product. The fill of Buffy Breeze also consists of lyocell, unlike Buffy Comforter that is filled with recycled plastic bottles. This makes this comforter super fluffy and cozy. If the manufacturer described Buffy Cloud Comforter as “finer than an eyelash and silky soft in texture”, then Buffy Breeze will be very hard to describe.

The interior of Buffy Breeze is layered to create better coziness and fluffiness than their first comforter. It is more breathable and more suitable for hot weather than Buffy Comforter.

Buffy Breeze comforter may not necessarily be an upgrade of Buffy Comforter as it may look or as many reviews would like to describe it, it could basically be for different kinds of users. The main difference is the use of lyocell for the filling instead of recycled plastic bottles which typically makes it more breathable hence more suited to hot climates. The coziness and fluffiness are similar though Buffy Breeze is better.

Other details

It is available in the same sizes as Buffy Comforter – Twin, Twin XL, and California King. This allows users to get the exact they need depending on several factors including the size of the bed.


  • Has a resistant shell hence it does not require frequent washing and it is easy to maintain
  • Fluffy and cozy filling
  • Carefully layered for ultimate comfort


  • When washing is required, dry cleaning is recommended which may be inconvenient for people who prefer beddings with easy washing just life Buffy Cloud


The prices of Buffy Breeze range from $180 to $260.


Buffy Breeze is a super comfortable comforter with amazing coziness and fluffiness. It is more breathable than Buffy Cloud hence it is more suitable in warm climates. Laundry is also recommended.

Buffy Cloud Vs Buffy Breeze

Buffy Cloud Vs Buffy Breeze

Given the similarities between these two great Buffy comforters, many users are confused about which product to go for. For some users, the decision is based solely on the price while others consider a number of other things. Let’s look at a few things to consider.


When considering the price, the difference between the prices of both products is not huge. However, a few bucks can make a difference for some users hence Buffy Cloud which is cheaper is a perfect option. On the other hand, some users are not constrained by budget.


Both products are very cozy and fluffy, giving users a high level of comfort. However, Buffy Breeze has an edge due to the use of lyocell for both the shell and the filling. Therefore, users who are not constrained by budget and want to enjoy extra comfort should go for Buffy Breeze.


Maintenance is also an important consideration when purchasing blessings. These comforters are both made of resistant shells that resist mold and many other things hence do not require frequent. However, when washing is required, laundry is recommended. Hence, if you prefer easy washing, you may want to look elsewhere but the great features of these products are difficult to neglect.


A very important factor, perhaps the most important, is the issue of temperature. Generally, both Buffy Cloud and Buffy Breeze are breathable but the latter is better and more suited to hot climates than the former. Therefore, users in very warm regions or that burn up at night should go for Buffy Breeze.

Note: the two most important factors here are the prices and temperature. Either of these products is great but choose based on your peculiarities.

Shipping, Returns, and Trial Period of Buffy Comforters

In the decision to purchase any product, shipping, returns, as well as trial periods are key factors to consider. In fact, some really great products are not purchased because of delivery issues. The same can be said about the other factors because, though they are not very expensive, we want to be sure we get the best.

Since its inception, Buffy has proven to be a reliable brand in terms of customer-related policies. All deliveries within the US are free and the same goes for the return in case of any manufacturing or quality problem. Within 3 to 5 business days of the order, you will get your comforter. Amazingly, the manufacturer allows users to use their comforters for up to seven nights before making payment. Free trials and warranty are also available.

Generally, Buffy comforters are amazing and comfortable and the brand has some of the best customer policies in the industry.


Though Buffy is a recent brand, with just three years in the industry, all its products give users optimum support and comfort. This is not unrelated to the CEO’s being a part of a family with above a half-century experience in beddings. The products reviewed above are good representations of what the brand stands for. A distinguishing factor of the brand is that it is eco-friendly. The materials used are safe for humans, animals, and the environment. If you want a comfortable that gives ultimate comfort without compromising safety, Buffy comforters are products you can trust. Check the reviews above as you decide the one to buy.