Top 6 Most Reliable And Affordable Chair And A Half Recliners

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Chair and a half recliners are wider recliner chairs and are often called oversized recliners. They offer better comfort than typical chairs and are best-suited for larger individuals because of the size but can be used by anybody. Though they are bulky and heavy-duty chair, they are narrower than the average double recliner or loveseat although they can conveniently seat two people depending on their sizes. They are very versatile chairs that can equally be slept in. 

Chair and a half recliners offer amazing comfort and luxurious lounging that are hard to beat by any other chair. Being half recliners, they rock though not as much as full recliners. They are available in a wide range of designs and colors and have diverse features including the great back, lumbar, and neck support, overstuffed armrests, as well as smooth and gentle reclining made possible by its rocking mechanism.

There are extensive models of chair and a half recliners, all of which vary greatly in construction, color, design, and functionality. The prices also vary greatly; you will be able to get one that fits your budget perfectly well. If you are planning to get a chair and a half recliner, check the following review of some of the best chair and a half recliners that are affordable and long-lasting.

Top 6 Best, Affordable, And Long-lasting Chair And A Half Recliners

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Oversized Recliner


  • Super comfortable

It is very large and comfortable

The wide arms provide extreme comfort

The back, armrests, and seating cushions, and give cloud-like comfort because they are overstuffed

You can sit in this chair throughout the day without any hassle because it provides superb overall support

  • Easy assembly

A very simple guide on how to assemble it comes with this half recliner. You do not need the service of an expert; a screwdriver will do the job without any hassle.

How it works

The mounting bracket of the backs slid seamlessly into the seating aspect of the chair. Then the Velcro at the rare is attached to the base of the chair.

  • Material and Appearance

It ranks among the most beautiful upholstered chairs and contains buttery soft polyester microfiber. The fabric is very soft and feels nice. The cushioning seats are very firm guaranteeing durability. 

The soft mocha beige design is so cool to behold

  • Reclining and other features

Nice and smooth reclining mechanism – an effortless movement to and fro the semi-incumbent position

It reclines almost as flat as a bed

Solidly built – metal seat and corner-blocked frame

Spacious – will comfortably seat two persons

  • Wall clearance

Position this half recliner 2-3 inches away from the wall for unhindered reclining.

Note: handle the lever carefully because it is made of plastic though it is a thick one 

Doorways of at least 32 inches are required 

To return from the reclined position, press your feet firmly against the footrest

It is a bulky chair hence is not for small spaces


The only negative we can point to here is the tendency of the microfiber material to hold on to tiny food particles. However, this isn’t a real issue because it can be easily cleaned with the brush.


Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Oversized Recliner – Mocha is one of the most super comfortable chair and a half recliners out there on the market today. It is a solidly built and spacious heavy-duty chair. It is worth the price by all standards. It is highly recommended, especially for larger people.

Divano Roma Furniture Classic and Traditional Dark Grey Fabric Oversize Rocker Swivel Recliner Chair

Divano Roma Furniture chair and a half recliners


  • Super comfortable 

The back and the armrests are overstuffed to provide extra comfort 

  • Material and other features 

It is a rocking chair with classic design 

Nicely upholstered with buttery soft linen fabric

It is well built and solid

Very easy to assembly 

Note: this recliner usually appears to tilt towards blue in pictures but tends toward dark gray in reality


Unlike the recliner discussed above which is a heavy-duty, this recliner is not oversized and users may have issues laying their heads properly because of the fairly short back.


If you are looking for chair and half recliners that are durable, affordable and offer great comfort, you should consider this recliner. The Divano Roma Furniture Classic and Traditional Dark Grey Fabric Oversize Rocker Swivel Recliner Chair (1 Seater) is great for home as well as office decor. It is recommended for needs that match its peculiarities. 

Homelegance 9636-1 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Glider Recliner Chair

Homelegance 9636-1 Laurelton Textured chair and a half recliners


  • Easy assembly

Next on our list of the best chair and a half recliners is the Homelegance 9636-1 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Glider Recliner Chair, Chocolate Brown recliner. This recliner ranks among the easiest to assemble – the back easily snaps on to the seat section. 

  • Super comfortable 

This is a super comfortable recliner with deep seats for cloud-like experience 

Seat cushions, back, and armrests are well padded

Reclining and rocking features 

Nice and smooth rocking in an upright position 

Can be reclined to an almost flat position 

Easy and effortless getting up – a simple nudge on the footrest locks the chair back to its original position 

Weighs about 100lbs

  • Material and other features 

Very soft material that hardly holds on to lint and easily cleans even when it does

Perfect seams allow users to lounge and sleep

Note: though the color may appear chocolate brown in pictures, it looks more like dark stone gray in reality

As a first-timer, you may find locking the chair back to its original position a bit hard especially when fully stretched but it will get easier with time and use.


This range or chair and a half recliners may not be the best fit for you if you are tall, 6 feet and above. People this tall may find their feet hanging off

The inbuilt side mechanism for raising the footrest is a little bit stiff.


This is a great recliner for anyone below 6 feet. It is pretty comfortable and the material is top-notch as well as easy to maintain. 

Simmons Upholstery Wisconsin Beautyrest Rocker Recliner, Wisconsin Chocolate

Simmons Upholstery Wisconsin Beautyrest Rocker Recliner Wisconsin Chocolate


  • Material, comfort, and other features 

It comes as rich dark brown chocolate 

The high-density foam used for the seating cushions give superb comfort

The plush material is buttery soft

It rocks very well

Great durability – solid construction and high-quality materials 


Getting back to an upright position is not as effortless as in other models – you may need to lean forward to use the lever.

People taller than 6.2 feet will see their legs hanging out when reclining 


This half recliner is generally good and is well worth the price. Offers superb comfort and durability. We would recommend it for anyone not taller than 6.2 feet.

Oversize Ultra Comfortable Air Leather Fabric Rocker and Swivel Recliner Living Room Chair

Oversize Ultra Comfortable Air Leather Fabric Rocker and Swivel Recliner Living Room Chair


  • Easy assembly 

Can be easily assembled in less than 3 minutes

How it works

The backs smoothly slide onto the brackets positioned at the bottom of the chair

  • Amazing comfort 

The seating cushions and armrests are well padded with high-density foam to provide high-level comfort. 

  • Material and other features 

It is a super comfy and very gorgeous swivel rocker recliner

It is gorgeously upholstered – air leather with a nice feel and buttery soft is used. 

Appears like leather but is actually a woven fabric.

It rocks very well and comes with 360 swivel feature


This is a super comfortable and gorgeous chair and a half recliner. It comes highly recommended. 

CANMOV Breathable Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner Chair, Classic and Retro Design 1 Seat Sofa Manual Recliner Chair with Overstuffed Arms and Back, Chocolate

CANMOV Breathable Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner Chair


  • High-level comfort 

It offers super comfort and relaxation for the body – back and neck especially 

Perfect back support is offered by the high-density seat cushions

Inbuilt laminated veneer lumbar (LVL) provides additional support for the lumbar region of the back

  • Material, design, and other features 

Breathable bonded leather is used making it look amazing

The brass nails on the armrests distinguish it from other recliners. This is a classic American design.

The construction of the footrest is solid and it is adjustable 

Has three angles of recline – 90, 120, and 145 degrees


This is a highly distinguished recliner. Some of its features are almost exclusive. Super comfortable and the design is pretty cool. Offers additional lumbar support. We recommend this for diverse kinds of purposes.

Things to keep in mind when shopping for Chair and a Half Recliners

  • Type: the very first thing to consider when acquiring a recliner chair is to establish the kind of recliner you want. All three types of recliner chairs in the market have their merits and demerits which is why you need to decide on the one that best suits you. Traditional recliners typically have two positions and are designed with footrests. Other types are the wall-saver recliners that are quite narrow and great for space management, requiring just three inches of space in reclined positions. Finally, we have push-back recliners. Their designs are contemporary and sleek. Check out their pros and cons before deciding on the type of recliner to buy based on your peculiarities. 
  • Price/Budget: the next factor to consider is the price or budget. The prices of chair and a half recliners vary greatly. Usually, the more expensive chair and a half recliners are, the more features and functionality are expected but this is not always the case – this is obtainable in almost all situations. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to the difference made by the price evaluating if it’s worth it especially if you are not limited by budget. In general, it is better to set a budget from the onset in order to narrow down your search hence making it easier and faster. It also usually helps you get better deals.

Note: regardless of your budget, you will find an extensive chair and a half recliners to pick from and you will enjoy great features in line with your budget.

  • Upholstery: there is a wide range of qualities of leathers offered by chair and a half recliners. Typically, the quality of leather you will get is directly linked to the cost of the chair. This is why we often advise clients to be as flexible as possible about their budget. Leather models of chair and a half recliners are usually more stylish than is obtainable in other models. The leathers are equally fire-resistant. Another popular material used for these chairs is microfiber. They are quite durable and easier to clean hence are particularly good for homes with kids or pets. Polyester is also a good material – it is highly durable as well as stain-resistant. Finally, there is acrylic. This on top of the chart; if you have a few more bucks to spend then you should go for this.
  • Construction: expectedly, the construction of these chairs also varies. Construction covers the frame as well as the cushioning. Metal frames are more solid and durable and thicker cushioning provides more comfort. 
  • Comfort: The importance of comfort cannot be overemphasized. It is the defining factor in the consideration of features and functionality. Comfort varies from person to person in that what I consider comfortable may not be your preference. For example, I prefer microfiber while my associates can’t understand how I find it comfortable because leather is their definition of comfort. However, there are general factors pertaining to comfort such as the support provided.
  • Design: this is not a key factor for some people while it is as important as comfort for many others. Thankfully, there is a wide range of designs; select a design that matches your definition of beauty and fits well into your space. 
  • Additional features: finally, some of these chairs often come with a number of extra features such as side pockets and cup holders. Some models equally have massagers for muscle relaxation. Go for extra features you consider more important to you.

Chair and a half recliners are generally super comfortable models of recliners. The models vary greatly do also the features and functionality as well as the price. If you are looking to purchase one, read this review carefully and you will be ready to make the best choice. The list above is nothing close to exhaustive, it is merely a representation of the best chair and a half recliners.