Best Computer Chair For Long Hours Usage [Top 5 Quality]

The number of hours an average adult spends in the office is not less than one-third of the day – 8 hours. A large chunk of this time is spent in a sitting position hence it is not a surprise that many people are on the internet searching for queries such as the best computer chair for long hour age e.t.c. Whether it is to run certain assignments on the computer or treat some documents, more and more adults have to sit behind the desk for long hours daily. A survey reveals that more than 80 percent of American adults spend 8 or more hours sitting at the office.

As our life gets more and more sedentary, we’ve also had to pay prices in varying degrees. For instance, longs hours of seating in the office put a lot of pressure or strain on the muscles of the back, neck, as well as arms. This results in more and more adults having to deal with diverse body pains – back pain (e.g. lower back), shoulders pain, or neck pain.

The pain experienced as a result of this peculiarity can sometimes be very excruciating hence affecting productivity and ultimately quality of life. One of the most common body pains associated with long seating hours is back pain. Recent research also revealed that 4 out of every 5 adults in all populations have varying degrees of back pain.

The search for solutions to this adult pain problem is endless; people do and take all sorts of things to alleviate the pain. I remember the many challenges back pain gave my uncle; it was terrible. At a point, he had to sacrifice his work. There is hardly any better way to start solving body pain problems associated with long seating hours than to pay attention to the chairs you use in the office. Too many people sit in uncomfortable chairs in the office. These chairs lack adequate support, not taking into account the natural curve of the body, or not making adequate provision for it.

Features Of The Computer Chair For Long Hours Usage

Backrest: whether it is separate or combined, the backrest should provide adequate support for the back of all users hence must be adjustable. Both the angle and height of separate backrest should be adjustable because the ability to adjust the height of the backrest helps to ensure proper support for the lumbar region, which is often the most affected part. For combined backrests, you should be able to adjust it either in a backward or forward angle. It should also have a solid locking mechanism to hold the angle you chose firm. Generally, the backrest should follow the curve of the back.


  • The width of the backrest should range between 12 and 19 inches.
  • The angle of the backrest should be between 90 and 100 degrees.
  • The recline of the backrest should be up to 120 or 130 degrees to give users the opportunity to lean back and stretch hence preventing the accumulation of stress on the lower back.

Seat height: we all come in different shapes and sizes resulting in peculiarities. For example, some people have long legs, some have short ones while others are in-between. It is therefore important for the seat height to be adjustable. This allows each user to choose the perfect height for their size. The seat height of a good office chair should range between 16 and 21 inches, allowing users thigh to be parallel to the floor, at the same time keep the feet flat on the floor. Also, your arms will be leveled with the work surface at this height range.

Setting The Correct Seat Height For You

  • The angle of both the knees and hip should be between 90 and 100 degrees
  • Your feet must be flat on the floor – a footstool may be required for people with short legs
  • Make sure the chair does not collide with the tabletop – some people may need to raise the height of the desk

Seat pan: the seat of the best computer chair for long hours usage has certain characteristics, all of which are geared towards providing adequate support and comfort for users. The first of such is the ability to evenly distribute the weight of the body. The lower part of the spine is sensitive and is naturally curved a little. Sitting for long hours may bring the body to an unnatural position by flattening the curve of the back hence putting a strain on this sensitive part of the spine.


  • The edges of the seat pan should be rounded
  • There should be about an inch space on either side of your hips
  • The seat pan should be adjustable either backward or forward – promoting a neutral position of the pelvis by letting users change postures easily as well as take some pressure off the back of the thighs.

Seat cushioning: comfort is a key factor when getting chairs, not just computer chairs. The seat must be well cushioned and padded to allow comfortable seating even for long hours. It should also be soft to avoid the pelvis being placed under excessive stress. An important thing to note is that if a chair does not feel comfortable immediately, it will not be comfortable after several hours. Don’t be carried away by ‘it will get better’ cliché.

Armrest: another important aspect of a good computer chair is the armrest. Armrests do not just provide support for the arms but by implication serve the purpose of alleviating the pressure put on the lower back. It is therefore very good if the armrests are adjustable both in height and width. This lets users get adequate support in varying circumstances such as when writing or reading. The tension on the neck and shoulders will be eased therefore preventing a syndrome called carpal-tunnel. Besides the adjustability, armrests should be well-cushioned and padded to give users ultimate comfort.

Other important features of a good computer chair are mobility, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat depth, etc.

Importance of Getting The Best Computer Chair For Long Hours Usage

  • Health benefits: frontline benefits of a good computer chair are related to the health of users. This is so because sound health is the foundation for having a good life. Health issues will not just affect the body, but also emotion. This impacts motivation as well as the focus of workers.

The health benefits begin with having a proper posture. To make up for the lack of comfort of bad chairs, we slouch and bend forward hence taking positions that negatively impact the body causing issues such as back pain. Comfortable computer chairs are designed to provide adequate support as well as flexible enough to give room for several postures.

  • Improved productivity: in good, comfortable computer chairs, users can remain seated for several hours without any pain problem hence will be able to get more done. Similarly, the contribution of comfortable chairs to good health ascertains motivation and focus which are key elements in achieving results. Imagine waking up fresh and energetic every morning; think about how much you can or will achieve this way in contrast to waking up tired and feeling pains all over you.
  • Better quality of life: this is the ultimate result. Better comfort while seated, reduced body pain, and improved productivity among other benefits all come together to give a better quality of life.

Top 5 Best Computer Chair For Long Hours Usage

  1. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Chair
Best Computer Chair For Long Hours Usage

From the hundreds of most comfortable computer chairs we reviewed, AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Chair stands out. Talk of elegant design and style, this comfy computer chair is up there. It will seamlessly fit into diverse office decor. Depending on what you want and how you set your office, this chair can blend in or pop out. If you want something quiet or fundamental, as seen in most offices, you are covered. It is also perfect for people who want to add flair to their office space. The good thing is, it looks corporate either way.

Key features

  • Comfort: this is a super comfortable office chair; sitting in it for several hours daily is so easy. I would call it a dream chair because the level of comfort on offer is dream-like. Super amazing. The well-cushioned backrest and the bonded leather upholstery give users a great feel. The adjustable seat height also allows users to get the perfect seating position – parallel thighs and feet flat on the floor – resulting in extra comfort. There won’t be cases of circulation problems such as numbness.
  • Support: this is the bedrock of the amazing comfort provided by this chair. Every part of this office chair is built with support in mind. The base is very sturdy, holding up well against different body sizes. The well-cushioned backrest is supportive. It has a slight curve designed to fit the natural curve of the back hence providing extra support for the lumbar region. Also, the back is tall hence providing adequate support for tall people.
  • Mobility: it offers a great deal of mobility – swivels 360 degrees and rocks back and forth. The tension knob allows users to control mobility as they wish. If you need to move around either to work on multiple computers or any other purpose, the sturdy wheel casters of this office chair make it super easy.


  • Elegant design that fits any decor
  • High back making it perfect for tall people
  • Well-cushioned back for comfort
  • Sturdy frame
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Sturdy wheel casters
  • Bonded leather upholstery
  • 360-degree swivel for great mobility


  • The obvious issue with this chair is the armrests that are not adjustable.


AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Chair is a  very comfortable chair either you are working from home or for office set up. The elegant design gives your space a great look while the frame and materials provide support for your body. The high back and adjustable seat height make it perfect for tall people. Despite this amazing functionalities, it costs below $150. This is a highly recommended office chair. If the arm height or width isn’t perfect for you, then you may look further.

  • Modway Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

If you have issues with using bonded leather for office chairs, then this chair with a breathable mesh back is the answer you seek. Midway Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair fits more contemporary or cooler looks so if you are looking for an office chair that brings coolness to your space, check it out.

Key features

  • Comfort: it is loaded with ergonomic features hence is a very comfortable chair. The breathable mesh back allows for proper ventilation as you sit at your desk for several hours. The seat cushion is well padded, 6 inch thick, for extra comfort. In addition to these, the adjustable armrests and tilt lever system make the experience super amazing. I can sit all day working in this chair.
  • Support: this office chair has a solid construction. All its elements, back, seat, and armrests provide adequate support for users. The contour in the mesh back provides extra support for the lumbar region. The adjustable armrests as well as the tilt lever system allow users to adjust the armrests for proper support.
  • Mobility: it is designed with 360-degree Swivel and dual-wheel casters that allow it to move freely on various surfaces such as wood, carpet, etc. This allows users to move freely between computers if need be.


  • Cool design
  • Breathable mesh contour back
  • 360-degree swivel for great mobility
  • Well-padded seat for extra comfort
  • Dual wheel casters for smooth rolling
  • Reclines to give legs a break
  • Variations: comes in 7 different colors allowing users to select their preference.


  • Perhaps nothing worthy of a mention at least for an office chair in this price range.


Midway Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is a stylish, very comfortable, supportive, and mobile office chair.  The ventilation offered by the mesh back makes all the difference for some people. The general support is great and the ultimate comfort amazing. Whether you want to bring this into an office setting or use it for work at home, you will be able to finish your task regardless of how long before getting. It is however good to take a break from sitting as often as possible. Despite the amazing functionalities, it costs below $150.

  • Boss Office Products Perfect Posture Task Chair

If you are looking for a very budget-friendly office chair that still offers a great deal of support and comfort, then Boss Office Products Perfect Posture Task Chair is one of the best you can get. It costs below $100 at the same time serves a wide range of users with varying shapes and sizes because of its great adjustability. It usually comes with armrests but you can also get some without arms if you prefer office chairs without arms.

Key features

  • Comfort: the first thing I noticed about this office chair is the cheap price. Immediately, I expected to see something less comfortable especially in comparison to other comfortable office chairs on this list. However, this chair proved me wrong. It holds it’s own in the level of comfort offered. Boss Office Products Perfect Posture Task Chair is a comfortable office chair, you will be able to work several hours without putting a strain on back muscles. The seat has a waterfall front design which takes the pressure off the legs resulting in improved circulation. This removes the problem of numbness.
  • Support: the build of this chair is simple and sturdy, providing very good support foundation. It is designed with inbuilt lumbar support that provides extra support for the lower back. The waterfall front of the seat supports the legs adequately. The seat depth, back height, as well as armrests are all adjustable ensuring users can customize the chair to their peculiarities.
  • Mobility: users also enjoy a great deal of mobility in this chair owing to the wheel casters and swivel functions included.


  • Very affordable – costs about $80
  • Back, seat depth and armrests are adjustable
  • Wheel casters for mobility
  • Able to swivel
  • Comes in different color shades
  • Has armless options for users who prefer it


  • The armrests can be more comfortable but at this price, you cannot complain.


Boss Office Products Perfect Posture Task Chair is a budget-friendly computer chair for long hours usage that still offers users a comfort level that will see your work several hours without any problem. It fits both office settings and working from home use. It has many adjustable parts hence is customizable to suit peculiar needs. If you have a low budget and want a pretty comfortable chair, then you won’t regret buying this.

  • Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair keeps users relaxed, improves blood circulation, and supports the body well hence giving ultimate comfort. The exoskeleton is designed to fit the natural curve of the human spine amidst many other amazing features.

Key features

  • Comfort: this office chair is synonymous with comfort. The exoskeleton attached to the backrest is designed to fit the natural curve of the spine. It follows the posture of the body to ensure users keep proper body posture. The spine is kept aligned and the pressure on the lower back is alleviated. This ensures the common problem of lower back pain is kept under control. The seat is very soft; giving a skin-like feel.
  • Support: the build of the Herman Miller Embody Chair is very solid. It provides adequate support for the back, arms, and legs.


  • Solid build
  • Exoskeleton built to fit the spine hence ensuring a correct posture
  • Improved blood oxygen flow
  • Skin-like cover – Very comfortable
  • 95% recyclable
  • 12 years warranty


  • The only issue we can possibly point to is the price. It is higher than what we have discussed so far but that is not to say it is not worth it.


Herman Miller Embody Chair is a very comfortable office chair. Its numerous features work together to give users a level of comfort that is difficult to beat. If you don’t mind paying a little more, then you should consider getting this chair.

  • Steelcase Gesture Chair

This is another very popular office chair that has been commended by several experts for its amazing support and comfort. It adapts perfectly to the alignment of the body and conveniently accommodates varying body shapes and sizes.

Key features

  • Comfort: the technology used in the design of this chair allows it to copy the movements of the spine and necks hence adjusting to the body posture. The adjustable armrests and seat heights also add extra comfort.
  • Support: it provides adequate support for the body. The back, arms, neck, as well as legs, are all well supported.
  • Mobility: the level of body freedom enjoyed in this chair is amazing. Moving and aligning the body is completely in your control.


  • Scope of adjustment is immense
  • Adjustable height for extra comfort
  • 360-degree swivel for armrest allowing users to align their arms as they choose


  • The only issue with this office chair is also the price. It is however worth it in every way.


Steelcase Gesture Chair is a very solid office chair that offers amazing comfort. It has an extra feature that allows the armrests to swivel up to 360 degrees, giving extra comfort. In this chair, you have the complete freedom to move and align your body as you wish. If you are willing to spend more on a comfortable office chair, this is a great option for you.

Breathable mesh vs Bonded leather

We have received a number of inquiries regarding which is better. Frankly, it is about preference. They both have their merits and demerits. For me, I prefer bonded leather because it defines comfort for me while I won’t argue with someone who chooses mesh back for the ventilation. So, it’s a matter of preference.

Ensuring office chairs are comfortable is not negotiable. The benefits are far-reaching, including better comfort, improved productivity, and better quality of life. To ensure you get a great deal, read the review of the top 5 best computer chairs for long hours usage.