Are Ekornes Stressless Chairs Reliable? Find Out The Truth Now

Are Ekornes Stressless Chairs Reliable? Find Out The Truth Now

Stressless Mayfair Power Dual Motor Electric Recliner

Ekornes Stressless chairs User Review

Despite a wide range of stressless chairs or recliners available in the market, Ekornes stressless chairs stand out. They are popular for the unmatched relaxation and comfort they provide users – they are, in fact, tagged the most comfortable seating of all time by many. That’s definitely a high call but Ekornes stressless chairs or recliners lives up to the bill by all standards – craftsmanship, style, and comfort.

Features that distinguish Ekornes Stressless chairs

It is easy for any brand to claim to be the best or for anyone to bill a brand as the best; the difficult part is backing it up with evidence. Having written a wide range of reviews, Ekornes Stressless chairs rank among the easiest we have ever written because there is more than enough evidence to back all claims up. Let’s look at a few of the amazing characteristics of Ekornes Stressless chairs:

  • Highly-engineered ergonomics

Since the inception of Ekornes stressless chairs in 1934, the company has never at any point stood for anything below the standard in engineering. As a matter of fact, the brand has always been the pacesetter in quality engineering. Ekornes engineers are charged with the responsibility of meeting tough standards of designing high-end furniture. They are highly specialized and well equipped to deliver the very best. The mechanics and scale of the human body are put in perspective as they work to combine the latest as far as ergonomics research is concerned with concrete principles of anatomical design. The highly-engineered ergonomics of EkornesStressless chairs give users unprecedented comfort by all standards.

  • An effortless reclining system that responds to your body

The very essence of the best chairs in the world is in meeting the needs of the body. Ekornes engineers again stand out by creating recliner chairs that are capable of automatically adjusting to the body weight. This is simply amazing – you do not need to pull any lever neither do you need to push any button; the movement of the body weight is the signal required by the recliner to adjust to the exact position you would want. This works like a mind reader.

How Ekornes Stressless chairs work

Ekornes Stressless chairs or recliners are designed with Stressless Glide wheels that owners or users can adjust to the desired setting. Once this is done, the chair gets the rest of the job done. The first process is performed by the Ergo Adapt system that works to fix the seating angle immediately you sit in the Ekornes Stressless chairs. This is followed by the work of Plus System; it is responsible for the automatic positioning of the chair to support your neck and head. This is also where the word Stressless comes into play because it creates perfect lumbar support that gives users a floating feeling.

This automatic response takes comfort to an entirely new level.

  • Unbelievable Comfort

The comfort offered by Ekornes chairs is simply unbelievable such that the designers are often tagged innovators of comfort by many. The comfort begins with the high-end construction of the furniture then the ergonomics, the effortless reclining action, as well as the trademarked Comfort Zones included in each design. Perforated, super-thick foam cushions are used in order to give the body the most comfortable position.

  • Timeless and Unbeatable style

Alongside heavenly comfort, Ekornes chairs offer amazing beauty. The exquisite outlook of Ekornes chairs can be traced to the Scandinavian roots of the company with streamlined silhouettes and simple lines setting the tone. Chairs from Ekornes have a timeless outlook and blend very well with any decoration, style, as well as any taste.

  • Premium materials

Again, Ekornes Stressless chairs are nothing short of the best. Everything about their chairs is top-notch. Of course, to offer the best comfort with amazing beauty and style, the material has to be the best of the best itself. The components include:

A strong base made from solid beech: the very first definition of quality furniture is top-notch wood. Ekornes stressless chairs are built with very solid wood, beech plywood. This solid base gives a strong wood frame that will also last a long time.

A rock-solid interior support system: this is the foundation of the strength of Ekornes stressless chairs. A single steel rod frame is included in the design to offer strength. It is expertly formed without welding or screwing on the frame.

First-class leather: Ekornes chairs are made with top-grain leathers. They have an amazing and uniform outlook which is foundational Scandinavian furniture design. The color holds and leather is supple.

Individual springs: imagine the amazing mattress in the best hotels, heavenly. Ekornes chairs are designed with an internal system of individual springs that are responsible for the all-important lumbar support provided by these chairs.

  • Long-lasting value

When all is said and done, it all comes down to the value derived from these chairs and how long this lasts. The use of top-grain leather, single steel rod, premium materials, as well as solid beech frame in the manufacturing of Ekornes chairs ascertains value that lasts.

Customized sizing: Ekornes recliners come in three sizes to cater to the diverse shapes and sizes of people. In addition to this, recliners from Ekornes have two-way adjustable headrests that can be adjusted to suit the height and the angle of the user’s body.

  • Variety

Finally, Ekornes has so many styles and design options. This allows a wide range of body needs to be perfectly catered for as well as match diverse kinds of décor. There are so many to pick from; several leather options and other custom features. Let’s look at a few of the amazing products from Ekornes:

The Ekornes Stressless Vegas Chair

Ekornes Stressless Chairs

Ekornes Stressless chairs are one of the most famous lines of chairs in the world. Vegas Stressless chair ranks high among the best stressless chairs from Ekornes. This is a richly appointed chair upholstered in leather. This familiar looking chair offers a top-notch experience similar to that of a modern and luxurious living room recliner. It has an American look with the pads hanging down and wrinkled. The armrests are low-slung and the back is wide. An ottoman comes with this chair. The ottoman is dressed in the same leather hence looking the same.


Comfort: the baseline for purchasing stressless chairs is the comfort. Ekornes Stressless Vegas Chair is very excellent in this regard. The seat and the back, which are both wide and accommodating, are tilted slightly backward to allow for perfect body alignment. The height of the accompanying ottoman is perfect and should be drawn near for a more traditionally reclined feel.

This chair offers optimum comfort hence you can sit as long as you want though you should remember to stand up every 45 minutes to 1 hour as a rule of thumb. The only problem we have with this chair is the head support. We consider it less than optimum but the good thing is that you can purchase an extended headrest for a better experience.

If we are to rate this chair concerning comfort in a standard 5-star rating, we will give it a 4.5 rating.

Support: Ekornes Stressless Vegas Chair offers great support and ergonomics. It provides great support for the shoulders, back, and legs. It does not push against the knee hence does not hinder proper circulation. The good support provided allows users to take and maintain the correct sitting posture. However, the issue of the headrest remains which can be made up for by getting an extended headrest. Also, the armrests are a bit low especially when you sit up but are perfect in reclined positions.

It will get a 4-star rating from us.

Recline:EkornesStressless Vegas Chair comes with a simple adjustment knob on the side. With this knob, users can adjust the chair to the desired position. Once this is done, the chair adjusts very well to movements in either direction. This chair can recline into sleep position which is a great plus but again, the headrest wouldn’t let us give this a 100 percent.

Another 4.5-star rating from us

Style: Ekornes Stressless Vegas Chair is definitely not the most stylish stressless chair. The cushion is expansive and saggy although this gives it the familiar American look. Generally, this chair is just in-between as far as style is concerned; it is not exceptional neither is it ugly.

This will be a 3-star rating from us

Value: all the features above are discussed as objective as possible but the discussion of value traditionally leans towards being subjective because it has to do with what we think of the chair. However, we based our judgment on objective parameters to maintain objectivity nevertheless it is impossible to totally obliterate subjectivity.

When compared with other Ekornes stressless chairs or other brands like the Consul or the Jazz, Ekornes Stressless Vegas Chair does just okay. It costs a little above $2,000 hence when compared to chairs below, above, or at this price range, Ekornes Stressless Vegas Chair is good enough. It is solid, will last long, comfortable with great recline, and has a fair style.

We will give this chair a 3-star value rating.


  • Excellent comfort, support, and recline
  • Amazing functionality
  • Top grain leather
  • Premium materials


The outlook can be better but this is not necessarily a problem because the conversation around aesthetics is always a subjective one.

Generally, there is a feeling the chair can be better but is there anything that can’t be better?

Stressless Mayfair

Stressless Mayfair Classic Recliner & Ottoman

This stressless chair is named after a part of London. It is a medium-sized stressless chair that is very popular among buyers.

Key features

Comfort: Stressless Mayfair was designed with comfort and convenience in mind. It is an extremely comfortable chair built on high-end engineering as well as modern design. It was designed to match the natural alignment of the body as well as respond automatically to body shifts. You can sit in this chair all day without feeling any pain whatsoever though you should pay attention to taking periodic breaks from sitting.

Support: It provides support for the whole body – back, shoulders, neck, and head. The headrest moves with the chair to keep the neck muscles supported even in a reading position. You can also lie close to fully flat by removing the headrest. The lumbar region is supported by the inbuilt Plus system.

Recline: The recline of stressless Mayfair responds to shift in body weight hence automatically adjusting itself to provide adequate support for the body. This ensures that no user has to hold tension in their body.

Style:Despite its functionality, the look of this chair is refining. If you have eyes for fine things of life, then this is yours.

Value: Stressless Mayfair costs about $2700 which is a very fair price considering the amazing functionality and beauty of this stressless chair. It is no doubt a good value for money. This chair is the result of close to four decades of stressless chairs feedbacks and refining; it is a great product and we strongly recommend it.


  • Refining style
  • Stressless Glide System for automatic response to body weight shift.
  • Plus System for provision of adequate support for the head and lumbar region
  • ErgoAdapt for comfortable sitting angle
  • Two layers of foam for perfect cushioning
  • Upholstered in your desired leather or fabric
  • Use of sturdy steel for Glide system
  • Solid, top-notch wood base.


It is difficult to fault Stressless Mayfair considering the great balance between functionality and design.

Stressless Mayfair Power Dual Motor Electric Recliner

Stressless Mayfair Power Dual Motor Electric Recliner

Stressless Mayfair Power encompasses most of the popular features in Stressless chairs. It is designed with a well-tucked footrest that can be extended just by the press of a button. It comes in two sizes – medium or large – and includes a motorized function for reclining.

Key features

Comfort: Stressless Mayfair Power is an extremely comfortable stressless chair. The combination of sleekness with high-end engineering is the beginning of the comfort offered by this chair. It is capped by the premium leather used in the finishing as well as the extendable footrest.

Support: The extreme comfortability offered by Stressless Mayfair Power is largely due to the incredible support provided for key body parts – shoulders, head, neck, and back. The inbuilt Glide system adjusts as required to provide the necessary support for the lumbar region. The head, shoulders, and neck are well supported by the headrest.

Recline:The recline is built with motorized function just like the footrest.

Style:Stressless Mayfair Power is a sleek modern design.

Value: It costs about $3200. If the combination of amazing features is brought into perspective, it is surely a good value for money.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Extendable footrest perfectly tucked under the seat
  • Motorized function for reclining
  • Glide system for automatic response
  • Solid wood base


The extendable footrest may not last very well but it will last fairly well after which you can buy an ottoman with it.

Stressless Reno Chair Large with Classic Base

Stressless Reno Chair Large with Classic Base

The core of this stressless chair is comfort. It creates a perfect blend of comfort and luxury by its solid wood base work coupled with its fine leather upholstery. The body is kept perfectly balanced by the elegantly engineered system of this chair. The softness of the leather is super amazing. Reno Chair comes in 2 sizes – Reno Small and Reno Medium. It comes with an ottoman to create the traditional recliner experience.

Key features

Comfort: The main focus in the design of the Reno chair is comfort, just like the design of any other stressless chair. every aspect of this chair, beginning from the engineering to the leather, speaks comfort. One thing we could not look away from is the softness of the leather. Sitting in this chair is so effortless that you can remain seated for several hours without feeling any discomfort though you should stand up periodically as a rule of thumb.

Support: This is one of the key players in comfort. The level of support enjoyed from a stressless chair largely determines the eventual comfort. Reno chair supports the body fully and perfectly. The headrest provides support for the head, neck, and shoulders of users. This headrest is designed to move with the chair in order to be able to provide support for the head even when the neck muscles are relaxed e.g. in a reading position. Support is provided for the lumbar vertebrae by the inbuilt Plus system; it moves to provide support for the lower back as the need be.

Recline: The recline of the Reno Chair responds automatically to the movement of bodyweight hence moves up or down by itself in response to body weight adjustment. This allows users to avoid holding tension in the body as it is the case with many other stressless chairs.

Style: Reno chair is beautifully made. It looks really exquisite. Generally, the style is great but if this isn’t your taste, Ekornes has many more styles you can pick from.

Value: Reno Chairs cost about $3000. With all the amazing attributes discussed above, this is definitely a good value from money. The reviews from users are generally positive and our testimony is not different. We recommend this EkornesStressless chair for anyone looking to get maximum comfort, support, and style.


  • Strong, top-notch bent plywood base swivels for excellent stability
  • Very soft leather
  • Two layers of foam for amazing cushioning
  • The Glide system is made with sturdy steel
  • Comes with ottoman


Perhaps the only thing to say about this chair is if it is not your taste. While it is not perfect, it is excellent in all key features.


All EkornesStressless Chairs come with a warranty. The internal mechanism including the Plus system, Gliding system, and metal springs are usually given 10 years warranty, beginning from the date of purchase. This does not include any damage to the woodwork or leather. Any usage contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendation is not covered as well as any repair done by unauthorized people.

Note: make sure you buy Ekornesstressless chairs from authorized sellers in order to enjoy the warranty.

Things to consider when purchasing Stressless Chairs

Whether we are purchasing chairs for home use or office use, there are key features that must be considered given the usual long sitting duration especially in the office. Failure to pay attention to these things can cause several health challenges including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain. Etc. Key features to check include:

Comfort: there is obviously no better way to start than this. Why would anyone call a chair Stressless if does not offer superb comfort level? When purchasing a stressless chair, check to ensure all body joints are properly angled when you are seated. It should also not press against the back of the knee to ensure proper circulation. The back of the chair should also be curved inward a bit to match the natural alignment of the body. Another key thing to check is the material; the material should be soft and should not cause overheating.

Support: this is closely associated with comfort. The level of comfort offered by a chair is dependent on the amount of support provided for the body. The parts of the body that need support are head, neck, back, as well as arms. Sitting for a long time naturally puts a lot of pressure on the back hence the need to provide adequate support to reduce the strain hence prevent or alleviate back pain.

Adjustability: another key feature of any stressless chair is adjustability. This is important for users to be able to easily adjust the chair to give room for the flexibility required several postures. The adjustment could either be upward/downward or to the sides. This contributes to the support obtainable and ultimately the comfort enjoyed.


Ekornes Stressless Chairs are among the best stressless chairs. The comfort, support, adjustability, style, and ultimate value offered by these chairs are generally too good to ignore. Their engineering is pretty solid hence will last more than most stressless chairs from other brands. The comfort is cloud-like; support is dream-like, and the style is good.