Here Is Why Ficmax Gaming Chairs Are Outstanding

Ficmax Gaming Chairs review

The importance of a gaming chair that provides adequate support and ultimate comfort to users is enormous. There are diverse attributes that make this possible. These attributes are often abundant in high-end gaming chairs. Unfortunately, many gamers are priced out. Fortunately, there are gaming chairs that offer similar functionality yet at a very affordable rate.

If you are looking for a gaming chair that offers similar performance as high-end gaming chairs, then Ficmax Gaming Chair is one that stands out.


Ficmax is a relatively new but popular gaming chair brand known for the production of gaming chairs and gaming tables that compare favorably with the expensive high-end options but are very affordable. The goal of the brand is to ensure all gamers can enjoy ultimate support and comfort. Many affordable gaming chair options have several problems including style, quality, durability, etc., but Ficmax gaming chairs are amazingly decent in all these characteristics. The style, design, features, and quality of materials are well worth investing in. The strongest link of this brand is the incredible price but there is much to it than the price.

Ficmax Gaming Chair Review

Ficmax Gaming Chairs

To cater to the needs of diverse categories of gamers, Ficmax manufactured this big, bulky, and comfortable gaming chair. this large chair is primarily a PC gaming chair but can also work for console players.

Key Features

Ficmax is a high-performance gaming chair. several key features contribute to its amazing overall performance.


This gaming chair looks like a typical PC gaming chair. Though basic, it is quite stylish. There are a number of color options to cater to varying theme requirements. It will fit perfectly with any modern game setup.


This is a part of a gaming chair that you don’t see but is as important as any other part. In fact, it is to a chair what foundation is to a house. Being a large chair, it is vital for the frame to be strong and sturdy. Metal is used for the entirety of the frame, providing the needed strength and stability. The heavy-duty base also enhances support and stability. Class 4 hydraulic piston, one of the latest and best technologies, is used to support the weight of users to ensure sturdiness. Piecing together all these components, you have a sturdy, firm, stable, and durable gaming chair. It will give you a few years of amazing support and comfort.


Polyurethane leather is used for the upholstery of the Ficmax gaming chair. The quality is great and it is pretty comfortable. It is dirt and fade-resistant hence throughout the years of using the year, the color of the chair will be preserved. This material is also easy to clean hence it easy to use. The level of comfortability and durability it provides is premium-like.


The cushioning of a gaming chair is fundamental to support, comfort, and durability. Ficmax gaming chair features great cushioning that offers users a similar experience to that of high-end options. The cushion of the seat is 4.8 inches thick – this is one of the best seat thickness you can get from any gaming chair. This is a good explanation of why it is very suitable for an intense or long gaming session. The foam used is not just thick but also of high density to ensure it provides adequate support and will not sag hence enhancing the durability of the chair.

Head and Lumbar Pillows

Ficmax Gaming Chairs

The lumbar pillow is an important ergonomic feature that contributes significantly to comfort. It conforms to the back of the user to support and maintain the natural curve of the spine. This helps to take pressure off the lower back hence preventing or alleviating back pain. It enhances the comfort level needed for a long gaming session. To enhance relaxation and comfort, massage function is incorporated into the lumbar pillow. The massage is more than just mere vibrations, it does make a tangible difference in comfort.

It also has a head pillow for neck support. This equally enhances proper posturing.

Reclining and Footrest

The recline of this gaming is among the best – reclines up to 180 degrees. It lifts your leg to the same level as your heart, bringing about a cloud-like experience that gives an amazing level of comfort. this great recline function allows this chair to serve as a great chair to relax or rest in. the recline is very easy and does not require the application of extra effort to remain in a reclined position. To augment the recline function, the design includes a well-padded footrest to support users’ legs. When not in use, the footrest is neatly tucked beneath the seat.

Tilt and Swivel

In addition to the great recline function, the tilt function is very easy to use and highly beneficial. It also swivels 360 degrees, allowing users to change direction without straining any part of the body or assuming a wrong or inappropriate posture that could cause body pain.


Ficmax gaming chair is very versatile. It can be used by a wide range of gamers including children, teens, adults, starters, as well as professionals. It does not just serve as a great and comfortable gaming chair but can also be used for relaxing as well as a computer chair.


Being a very sturdy and stable gaming chair, it is ideal for lightweight users to medium-weight users. The maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs, which is enough for most gamers. The high back also means tall people are covered.


The summary of all the features that we have described so far is the comfort level. Ficmax gaming chair is pretty comfortable, better than most gaming chairs in its price range. It is suitable for people who play games for several hours per day.


It is relatively easy to assemble and there is installation instruction on the website to guide users. The installation will take about 30 minutes.

Pricing and Purchasing

Ficmax gaming chair is fairly priced. Despite all the great features highlighted above, it goes for just about $200. At this price, gamers on a budget or beginners won’t be overstretched and people who have more get to pay more attention to other key aspects of the gaming setup. It is available for sale on the official website as well as at Amazon.


  • Cool design
  • Large chair – high back and wider seat
  • Metal frame with class 4 hydraulics piston
  • Fade and dirt-resistant PU leather upholstery
  • Lumbar pillow with a built-in massager
  • Head pillow for neck support
  • Thick cushion
  • Reclines up to 180 degrees
  • Tilts, rocks, and swivel
  • Retractable footrest
  • Several color options
  • Very affordable
  • 1-year warranty with 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Not suitable for larger gamers
  • The padding of the armrests is thin
  • The installation can be a bit tricky for users especially first-timers but you will get it right if you follow the instruction step by step


Ficmax gaming chair is a cheaper alternative to high-end gaming chairs. However, the functionality and quality are decent. It is recommended for a wide range of gamers.

Is Ficmax Gaming Chair Worth the Money?

Ficmax Gaming Chair

Typically, when a product of this kind has a low price tag, many users believe the quality must be bad hence not worth investing in. Frankly, you can hardly judge them because there so many brands that compromise quality and comfort to give a lower price. So, it becomes a norm that quality is premium. However, we must realize that there are a few gaming chairs that though are incredibly cheaper have amazing performance.

Ficmax gaming chair is one of the very few cheap and great performance gaming chairs. The quality is decent and at the very least, it is well worth its price tag. The truth is it is worth more than the price. If not for anything, the fact that it is suitable for long gaming sessions and will last a few years tells enough about it. Therefore, it is recommended for all gamers who don’t have much to splurge on expensive gaming chairs.

How Ficmax Gaming Chair compares with High-end Gaming Chairs

Ficmax Gaming Chairs

This discussion becomes necessary to set the record straight about the great performance of Ficmax Gaming in comparison to the expensive options.

High-end gaming chairs feature great designs and are loaded with amazing features that make them super comfortable and highly functional. If you can afford them, then you should surely buy one – check our Herman Miller Chair review.

Ficmax gaming chair does not have as many features as high-end gaming chairs but also has all the basic features that you need to have a great gaming experience both as a starter and a pro gamer. Also, while it may not have the padding or 9+6cushion of high-end gaming chairs, it is well-padded enough to give you adequate support and comfort for a long gaming session. In terms of quality of material, the materials (ranging from the from to the upholstery) are of decent quality hence you will enjoy the Ficmax gaming chair for a few years.

Therefore, with its price in view, it compares favorably with the high-end gaming chairs.


Ficmax Gaming chair is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs that do not cost a fortune. Though the price is the strongest link of this chair, it is not short on every other key feature. Though basic, you have all you need for a long gaming session. If you are looking to buy an affordable gaming chair that is rich in support and comfort, then the Ficmax gaming chair is highly recommended. The above review gives a detailed description of this chair and compares it with high-end gaming chairs.