Are Furmax Gaming Chairs Any Good? Find Out The Truth

Are Furmax Gaming Chairs Any Good? Find Out The Truth

Furmax Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs with high quality and high functionality are typically very expensive. This is one of the major reasons many gamers settle for just any chair. Using an uncomfortable gaming chair has far-reaching demerits including health problems therefore it is vital to get a comfortable gaming chair.

Fortunately, there are excellent brands producing gaming chairs with high-end qualities at very affordable prices. One of the best brands in this category is Furmax. Furmax gaming chair features amazing craft and top-notch features that are typical of high-end gaming chairs.

If you are considering the purchase of a Furmax gaming chair, read the following review.

To begin with, there is no perfect gaming chair including chairs from very expensive brands such as Herman Miller. However, Furmax gives you more than you could think is possible in such a cheap gaming chair. They were able to give decent quality for users’ maximum support and ultimate comfort.

Furmax Gaming Chair

Furmax Gaming Chair

This is a simple but very functional gaming chair. The most distinguishing aspect of this gaming is the incredibly low price but there is definitely more to this chair than the low price. It reflects smart craftsmanship that creates a great balance between style and functionality. These great characteristics have made Furmax a popular brand.

Key Features

Structure and Design

While Furmax gaming chair does not have a unique design, the design is cool enough for any gaming setup. Fundamental ideas of comfortable or ergonomic office chairs are incorporated into the design of Furmax gaming chair to make it easy to use and at the same time comfortable. Ideas are also garnered from racing style chair for improved structure and back support that makes it suitable for long sitting periods. The casters are exceptional featuring a higher quality – it is coated with PU rubber which makes it very smooth on almost any kind of floor. There is no need to incur another expense on surface-specific wheels.


Comfort is unarguably the most important of any gaming chair as well as other kinds of chairs. Furmax gaming chair does not disappoint on comfort. In fact, it can be said that comfort is clearly placed above design which is the correct order. Gaming typically takes several hours at a time and Furmax gaming chair is an ideal chair for such long sitting hours. Mesh upholstery is combined with PU leather for extra comfort. The mesh upholstery keeps you cool all through the gaming session because it enhances ventilation. High-quality faux leather that is both beautiful and easy to maintain is also used.

Recline Function and Footrest

It reclines up to 180 degrees and the well-padded footrest lift users’ legs to provide amazing relaxation or resting experience. This significantly improves the overall comfort.


One of the beautiful and much-loved aspects of this chair is the easy assembly. The parts slot in so easily that it can make a first-timer feel like a pro. No help or prior experience is required in putting the chair together. The only possible tricky part is the armrest but with careful navigation, it will slot in rightly. It will take one person just about 30 minutes to put together.


One of the biggest concerns people have about cheaper products including gaming chairs is durability. Frankly, lower-quality materials are often used in the production of low budget gaming chairs. Furmax gaming chair is one of the very few cheaper gaming chairs with excellent quality and durability. The very sturdy steel structure is the beginning of all the good things about this chair. 5-star materials are also used for the base.

The quality of the upholstery is also excellent hence it is pretty durable. However, this is not to say that it is as durable as high-end gaming chairs but at its price, the durability is difficult to beat. You will get a few years of comfortable gaming experience from this chair.


Adjustability plays a fundamental role in the comfort provided by a gaming chair. Furmax gaming chair has decent adjustability. The seat height can be adjusted to ensure proper support is given to the user’s back. With just a touch of a button, you can adjust the seat height from 20 inches to 24.4 inches. Its 360 degrees swivel also allows users to turn in any direction without moving a finger. It equally rocks and can be locked at any angle.

Seating Area

The seat dimension of Furmax gaming chair is 20.5 inches by 20.86 inches hence it is wide enough to accommodate a wide range of users of varying sizes.


Padding greatly determines the suitability of a gaming chair for long sitting hours. The excellent level of comfort provided by Furmax gaming chair is largely connected to its thick padding. It features extra padding in key areas such as the seat and the back. This extra-thick padding provides extra relaxation and comfort. The headrest and armrests are also thickly padded.


One of the assurances of quality and durability is the warranty. If there is any issue with Furmax gaming chair within the first 30 days of purchase, you can get a free replacement through the company’s free replacement policy. You can as well get your money back if you are not satisfied. Free repair is also offered by the brand.

Customer Support

Warranty will make little or no difference if the customer support is not great. Fortunately, Furmax’s customer support is very good. All complaints are attended to within 3 to 5 days.

Color Options

Furmax gaming has two color themes – black and blue as well as black and white. You have the freedom of selecting the best color theme for your setup.

Pricing and Purchasing

Furmax gaming chair is a very cheap option for all categories of users. Most models of Furmax gaming chairs are sold for less than $200 on Amazon. It is also available on several other platforms. Ensure you purchase it from approved third parties to ensure you enjoy the warranty.


  • Simple design – with the incorporation of racing style and ergonomic office chair features
  • High back – suitable for tall users
  • Generally thickly padded – headrest, armrests, seat, and back
  • Decent adjustability
  • Rocks and can be easily locked at any angle
  • Solid steel frame and 5-star base
  • High-quality upholstery
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent durability
  • Incredibly cheap


  • Although it is very easy and straightforward to assemble, the manual instruction that came with it is not very clear. This makes the assembly a bit difficult for some users
  • Despite the wider seat and high back, it is not suitable for larger users

Furmax Gaming Chair Vs Rival Gaming Chairs

Furmax Gaming Chair

There are so many gaming chair options in the market; in the end, the decision will always be about the one you find to better for you based on key characteristics.

Having given a detailed review of what Furmax gaming chair is all about, we will do a quick and summarized comparison with rival gaming chairs.

Furmax Gaming Chair Vs High-end Gaming Chairs

High-end gaming chairs feature top quality materials, ergonomic design, extra features, and amazing performance but are very expensive – they can be as expensive as $2,000. On the contrary, Furmax gaming chair is very cheap, just about $200, yet it has decent quality and all the basic features you need are there. It is a perfect gaming chair for starters as well as people on a budget. With just $200, you will get great support and comfort. It is very suitable for an intense or long gaming session.

Furmax Gaming Chair Vs Similar Gaming Chairs

furmax gaming chairs

There are many other brands manufacturing gaming chairs that mimic high-end chairs at a cheaper price but Furmax compares favorably with any similar product. It is clearly one of the best in its price and performance range.

Is Furmax Gaming Chair Recommended and Who Should Buy It?

The summary of the review above is whether it is recommended and for whom it is recommended.  About whether Furmax gaming chair is recommended or not, the answer is unequivocal yes. It is a great value for money. You will definitely get more than you expect. Then who should buy this chair? It is recommended all categories of gamers, ranging from starters to pro gamers as well as light to heavy gamers. Anyone who wants to enjoy support and comfort similar to that of high-end gaming chairs at an affordable price.


Furmax Gaming Chair is a great craft. It mimics high-end gaming chairs, which typically cost so much, providing users decent support and comfort at a much cheaper rate.  Whether you are a starter or a pro gamer that needs a budget chair that is suitable for long session gaming, then Furmax Gaming Chair is the answer you seek. The review above shows how it compares favorably with any other option.

Furmax gaming chair keeps it simple but you have all the basic things you want in a chair. If you want all the features of high-end gaming chairs as well as the quality and you have enough to splurge on it, then check our Herman Miller Chair Review.