Here Is Why Kinsal Gaming Chair Is One Of The Best On The Market

Here Is Why Kinsal Gaming Chair Is One Of The Best On The Market

Kinsal Gaming Chair

Having a gaming chair that supports you and keeps you comfortable is by no means a luxury. A comfortable gaming chair is a basic need of any game, not to mean its suitability for streaming, office works, etc.

Sitting several hours daily is not easy on the body. It often places pressure on different body parts, resulting in body pain problems. An ergonomic and comfortable chair will support the natural alignment of the body hence prevent a buildup of pressure. This means you can feel unscathed after an intense gaming session, making the gaming experience better.

There are many gaming chair brands but not too many truly weave the needs of a racer into a gaming chair. A brand that did an excellent job is Kinsal.

Kinsal Gaming Chair Review

Kinsal is one of the great gaming chair brands that try to manufacture gaming chairs with premium quality and features yet do not command premium prices. The brand understands the reality of budget limitations especially in light of the capital outlay of a gaming setup.

Kinsal prioritizes the interests of a racer hence they came up with ergonomic designs that will have the racer’s back throughout the gaming experience. The customization features of the Kinsal gaming chair are amazing, beating a wide range of more expensive gaming chairs.

Key features of Kinsal Gaming Chairs


This chair features a great design and style. It looks like a typical racing chair with a bucket seat. The bucket seat design is to keep users well aligned in the chair, reducing the chances of taking bad postures. Similarly, the sides of the backrest are raised to serve the same purpose as the bucket seat. It has several color options, each of which looks great for any modern gaming setup. Its distinguishing feature is the addition of two headrests, as against one for most gaming chairs. These headrests offer greater support and comfort to the neck and head region.


Kinsal gaming chair features an excellent build. High-quality materials are used for the construction. Kinsal gaming chairs are reliable and very efficient gaming chairs. Tubular steel is used for the frame’s construction. The base is also solid and stable, supporting up to 280 pounds of weight. High-quality PU leather wraps the great padding.


The addition of a footrest to a gaming chair is an excellent move. It enhances the level of relaxation and comfort by supporting users’ feet as they lay back for diverse purposes such as to rest or nap, as well as watch a favorite TV show. Kinsal gaming chair comes with an ergonomically designed footrest – it is retractable, sturdy, and thickly padded. With this feature, it can serve as a great lounge chair.


Kinsal gaming chairs are highly adjustable. The backrest reclines from 90 to 180 degrees to allow users to lay as far back as they would like to. It features a 360-degree swivel for smooth and easy movement which will help to prevent slouching or stretching in uncomfortable positions. It has a class 4 gas lift which makes adjusting the seat height extremely easy and smooth. The wide armrests are unfortunately not adjustable, making it difficult to get support for the arms in several positions. The lumbar support and headrests are equally adjustable.


Kinsal gaming chair is a pretty comfortable gaming chair. The tubular steel frame is padded with cold molding foam and wrapped in PU leather. The padding foam is firm but not too firm for comfort. It won’t warp easily, neither will it be too hard. The combination of a great recline angle with a footrest also serves to enhance the overall gaming experience. With the footrest, you have a perfect place to nap or rest. All Kinsal gaming chairs also come two headrests and lumbar support for adequate back support. This is a perfect chair for a long or intense gaming session.


Solid and high-quality materials are used for the construction of Kinsal gaming chairs hence it will serve you for a few years without hassle. However, it is very important to treat the chair carefully and stick to the size recommendations to ensure you do not overload the chair otherwise it starts wobbling and the frame bending in just six months.


Kinsal gaming chair is very easy to assemble. The backrest and seat are connected from the factory, making the assembly easier and faster. The package typically includes everything you will need for the seamless assembly of the chair.

The assembly instructions are clear enough to walk you through the assembly process though it is poorly translated. You can also have issues using some holes perhaps due to misalignment or size but you will mostly be fine.

Note: ensure you check the components properly on delivery to be certain nothing is missing or mixed up. A number of customers have complained about missing parts or mix up resulting in back and forth discussions with the customer support which can be really exhausting. It comes with ID cards for easy replacement.

Pricing and Purchasing Of Kinsal Gaming Chairs

Kinsal gaming chairs can be purchased both online and in physical stores. Physical stores afford you the luxury of trying the chair out. Unfortunately, it is mainly shipped within the US for now. Ensure you only buy from trusted suppliers.

You can add the Kinsal gaming chair to your gaming setup for just $150 ( and if you shop at amazon even less). This is amazing affordability is the biggest selling point of this chair.

Customer Support

Kinsal is a popular American company that advertises a good customer support system – all complaints and inquiries will be attended to quickly and mostly satisfactorily. There are, however, complaints from several customers that the customer service is unresponsive and highly disappointing. This makes getting faulty or misfit parts replaced difficult.


Being a budget gaming chair with many features, the quality is definitely expected to suffer. Although Kinsal gaming chairs are considered some of the most durable on the market, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee of which the manufacturer says no questions will be asked, this gives even more security. All parts with non-artificial damages or defective parts will be replaced within one year of the purchase.


  • Tubular steel frame
  • High-quality PU leather upholstery
  • Cold molding foam padding
  • Two headrests and a lumbar support
  • Class 4 gas lift
  • Reclines up to 180 degrees
  • Comes with a footrest
  • Maximum weight capacity of 280 lbs
  • Budget-friendly
  • 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Though the armrests are big, they are not very comfortable – they can’t be adjusted
  • Several users complain about its durability

Is Kinsal Gaming Chair Worth It?

The main target of the Kinsal gaming chair is affordability hence it is difficult, though not impossible, to get a cheaper gaming chair with similar features. However, Kinsal tried as much as possible not to take too much away from the quality. There is nothing extraordinary about this chair but it is an effective chair for gaming. Its suitability to long or intense gaming sessions remains an issue but it is definitely a great stop-gap chair.

At its price, the Kinsal gaming chair is hard to beat. It is worth every cent. If you want something more robust, then you may have to raise your budget.

How to Choose the Perfect Gaming Chair for you

If you are not sure if the Kinsal gaming chair is the perfect gaming chair for you, the following tips guide you in making the right decision.

Duration of Gaming Sessions

A 2014 survey declared the average hours spent playing video games per week to be 6.3 hours for people above 13 years. This figure will increase significantly for hardcore gamers – some could spend the same 6.3 hours playing video games daily.

The kind of gaming chairs these different categories of gamers need differs. A hardcore gamer will need a very supportive and highly ergonomic chair that is suitable for long gaming sessions. This usually means spending more on a gaming chair. For a beginner or someone who plays games for around 6 hours per week, chairs like the Kinsal gaming chair is perfect. Therefore, choose a gaming chair with a functionality level that matches your demand level.


Mostly, gaming chairs are either console friendly or computer friendly. For computer games, the chairs are modeled after racing car seats. They have tall backs and are high from the ground. They can also work console gaming as well as an office chair. On the other hand, console gaming chairs are low to the ground and usually have built-in speakers for an immersive gaming experience. Computer friendly gaming chairs can be used for console gaming but console friendly gaming chairs can’t work for PC gaming.


The more ergonomic a gaming chair is, the more supportive and comfortable it will be. Hardcore gamers should go for highly ergonomic chairs while starters can still manage decently ergonomic chairs if they can’t afford highly ergonomic chairs. Some of the ergonomic features to consider are cushioning, shape, adjustability, etc. Kinsal gaming chair is a decently ergonomic chair that is suitable for starters as well as be a backup chair for pros.

Customization or Personalization

The ability to adjust certain parts of the chair according to your needs is a big game-changer. A chair that reclines and/or tilt and is lockable enhances relaxation. Other parts of the chair that should be adjustable are the armrests, lumbar support, seat height, and headrest pillow. Kinsal gaming chair ticks most of these boxes except the armrests.


Materials used for a gaming chair determine both comfort and durability. Breathable upholstery materials will keep you cool for long period. Therefore, if you live in a warmer climate or have sweat issues, prioritize breathable materials. Some materials also feel better on the skin than the others. The cushioning material should be firm yet soft. Sturdy materials such as steel and aluminum should be used for the frame and base respectively. Generally, it should be more metal than plastic. The type of material also affects how easy the maintenance will be.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a gaming chair. Resources are not unlimited and our buying power varies. Go for a gaming chair that falls within your budget. This is not to say you shouldn’t go for the best but you can always find a good gaming chair within your budget.


Checking what other people have to say about a product is a reality check. It puts what to expect from the product in the correct perspective. Check as many as possible customer reviews and compare them with claims made by the manufacturer. We provide an objective detailed review of Kinsal gaming chairs above, helping you to know as much as you need to know in a short time.


Style is a very subjective factor because it is about the appearance of the chair. Some gaming chairs feature a very simple design while others are quite flashy. Simple design does not necessarily mean boring, so go with what works for you.

Additional Features

There are basic features for maximum support and comfort in a gaming chair and there are additional features such as speakers and light. Gaming chairs like the Kinsal gaming chair gives you the basic features while chairs like the Clutch Gaming Chair add an extra light feature in a model. Usually, more additional features mean a higher price.


Choose a gaming chair with specifications that fit your size. E.g. ensure you are well below the weight limit to avoid overloading the chair. Other size specifications include height, seat width, and length of legs.

Finally, durability is very important. Get something that will serve you considerably.

Who Needs an Ergonomic Gaming Chair?

You are most likely not feeling the impacts of using any kind of gaming chair right now because you are still young. As you advance in age, a different reality sets in, and the accumulation of many years of lack of proper support for the back begins to hunt you. Therefore, an ergonomic or comfortable gaming chair is important for all – young, old, beginners, and pros.

Should You Buy the Kinsal Gaming Chair?

After all that has been said, it comes down to whether you should buy the Kinsal gaming chair or not. A detailed and objective review of the pros and cons of this chair has been given above, as well as the key things you need to know before selecting a gaming chair. If the Kinsal gaming chair ticks the boxes for you, then place your order.

Alternative Gaming Chairs

If you think otherwise, then you should check the gaming chairs below.

Merax Gaming Chair

Here is another budget gaming chair but it is more solid and comfortable. It is an attractive chair that comes in three great colors. It has many things in common with the Kinsal gaming chair but the armrests are adjustable and removable. It does not have a footrest.

It features a wide seat and high back that provide enough room for users. The backrest can recline up to 180 degrees without wobbling or any hassle. The cushioning is great hence it is suitable for long gaming sessions. It can support up to 250 pounds of weight.

It costs about $190 and can be easily purchased on several platforms e.g. Amazon.

Ficmax Gaming Chair

Ficmax gaming chair is also priced below $200. It looks like a typical gaming chair but has some great features for a chair sold for about $190. It comes with a USB-powered lumbar cushion aimed at giving greater relaxation and comfort by massaging the back. While this isn’t close to an actual massager, it’s a welcomed addition.

It can recline completely flat while its retractable footrest supports your feet. The footrest is not so sturdy but it is strong enough for short breaks. It is pretty comfortable, thanks to its high-density sponge, adjustable headrest and lumbar support, adjustable and removable armrests, as well as PU leather upholstery. Finally, it can support up to 300 lbs of weight.

You can read our full review of Ficmax Gaming Chairs Here.

Furmax Gaming Chair

Finally on this list is the Furmax gaming chair. Its customization range makes it a chair for starters. It has an incredible price, below $100. It is definitely one of the cheapest gaming chairs out there.

As you would expect, the armrests are not adjustable and it does not have many color options. However, it is a decent gaming chair. It features PU leather and mesh upholstery, making it a breathable chair. The seat height is adjustable but the tilt function cannot be locked.

The assembly is straightforward, requiring 10 to 15 minutes, and it can support up to 280 pounds of weight. For its price, it’s a good gaming chair and can work well in an office. Pros can also use it as a stop-gap or backup gaming chair for their main chair.

You can read our full review of Furmax gaming Chairs here


Kinsal gaming chair is a racing-style chair with a bucket seat and body-hugging back. It is designed to meet the needs of gamers without costing so much. It features an impressive lineup of features that will keep you adequately supported and comfortable for long gaming sessions. Check the review above before placing an order.