Are Maxnomic Gaming Chairs Reliable Or A Scam? Find Out The Truth Now
Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

Are Maxnomic Gaming Chairs Reliable Or A Scam? Find Out The Truth Now

Maxnomic Gaming Chair

A gaming chair designed with your comfort and health in mind is worth going all out for, especially in the face of increasing back pain problems. Though there are many gaming chair brands out there, there are not too many that can be said to be very comfortable. Among comfortable gaming chairs, some lead the park. One of the gaming chair brands that take comfort to another level is Maxnomic.

In 2014, a German company with the name NeedForSeat was launched. This company makes Maxnomic gaming chairs – a collection of high-end ergonomic models that are designed for pro esports as well as power computer users. NeedForSeat operates in several countries and the products are shipped to different continents including Europe and Asia. The US has a smaller collection of Maxnomic gaming chairs than Europe.

The highlights of this brand are incredible comfort and amazing customization or personalization. These amazing features make Maxnomic gaming chairs favorites of many leading streamers and organizations. With their amazing qualities, Maxnomic gaming chairs became official gaming chair for Dreamhack2014 a few months after launching their first set of gaming chairs. They have since partnered with many top individuals and organizations to bring the best to the world of esports. For example, Ninja – the most-watched streamer in the world is one of their partners. Other top streamers who became partners with Maxnomic are KayPea and Tfue. At the moment, ESL gaming network, Xbox, Microsoft, and Red Bull are top partners with Maxnomic.

General features Of Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

High-level comfort

Comfort is an obvious priority in Maxnomic gaming chairs. Maxnomic gaming chairs are shaped to provide ultimate comfort to users. The materials used are top quality and geared towards maximum support and comfort. Instead of the external neck and lumbar pillows seen in most gaming chairs, Maxnomic gaming chairs are designed with internal lumbar support that can be adjusted based on the peculiarities of each user. The internal lumbar support is quite adaptive; it conforms to the S-curve of the spine to ensure a proper posture is maintained. This makes the chairs very suitable for long gaming sessions. Maxnomic gaming chairs are very good chairs for users with back pain problems.

Unprecedented customization

Next to comfort is customization in Maxnomic gaming chairs. This is the sole high-end gaming chair brand that allows users to add a custom embroidered logo. All that is required is for you to send the logo you want on the chair to them once the order is placed. The brand’s team assesses the logo sent and revert with the price of the in-house embroidery. The possibility of creating a personalized logo is one major reason why many streamers and teams don’t mind going all out for Maxnomic gaming chairs.


Maxnomic gaming chairs are highly adjustable chairs. Beginning from the 4D armrests that can be adjusted in almost any direction for arm support to the adjustable internal and external lumbar support. Other parts of these chairs that can be adjusted are the height, recline, and tilt, making them ideal for a wide range of users. This level of adjustability brings about higher personalization.


The Maxnomic team pays so much attention to details that they have finger-rests in all their chairs. This is not a common feature in gaming chairs but it definitely adds an extra touch of comfort.

Optional add-on

Maxnomic makes the gaming experience offered by their chairs better by giving the option of adding rumble to your chair. This option is called Maxnomicseatquake – the components are a vibration unit, amplifier, connection cables, and a cable stand. The purpose of this add-on is to make your gaming experience more immersive.


All Maxnomic chairs, both gaming and office chairs, come with a 2-year unlimited warranty. It covers issues such as missing parts at delivery, manufacturing defects noticed at delivery e.g. recliner, armrests, and hydraulics defects, and damages in the delivery process. Wear and tear of the upholstery, damage during assembly caused by failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and damage to a modified product without written permission from the brand are not covered by the warranty. You may be required to send image or video proof of the defect, the manufacturer will bear the cost of replacing the defective part if the defect is covered by the warranty.

If you are not pleased with the chair and you wish to return it, you can do this within 30 days of the delivery date. This is a show of commitment to maximum customer satisfaction by NEEDforSEAT. Repackage the product in good condition and return it to the company not later than 10 days after sending the return label. If all requirements are satisfied, you will get your refund within 7 days of return, via the purchase payment mode.

Purchase and delivery

All orders from the official website of NEEDforSEAT are shipped via FedEx. Delivery is very fast but name and custom logo embroideries may increase the delivery time up to 5 days. All customers will get a tracking number following the processing of the order. If FedEx is unable to get the product to you after three attempts then you will have to pick it up at the nearest FedEx location. If you don’t pick it up after 10 days, it will be returned to NEEDforSEAT. Shipping within the US is $15 while most parts of Canada costs $100. You can ship to other countries including Europe, Germany, France, China, etc. You can also purchase Maxnomic chairs from popular marketplaces like Amazon.

Customer support

Very good customer support is as important as any other feature named above. You want to be sure that your inquiries and complaints will receive prompt and satisfactory feedback. This includes getting help where needed and replacement of parts in case of damages. Maxnomic has one of the best customer support in the industry.

Review Of Some Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

Maxnomic has four series – Casual Sport, Pro-Gaming & Office, Office Comfort (OFC), and XL.

Maxnomic OFC Chair

Maxnomic OFC Chair

Maxnomic Office Comfort Chairs are some of the best gaming chairs from NeedForSeat. It is a high-end gaming chair with a flat and wide seat hence providing more legroom for larger users. It also has a high and large backrest, making it a very suitable gaming chair for bigger and taller users. It is one of the most comfortable chairs in their collection.



Maxnomic gaming chairs as well as other chairs from the brand have a very good build quality. They feature a top-notch steel frame and aluminum base. The steel frame has few welded points to enhance its strength and durability. These tough materials form a firm foundation for other things.

Internal lumbar support

Maxnomic OFC models are the only chairs from the brands with internal lumbar support.  This feature is almost exclusive to high-end gaming chairs that could cost as much as $1500, e.g. Herman Miller Chair. Internal lumbar support allows you to adjust the depth of the cushion to fit your needs hence enhancing the level of support and comfort. The depth of the lumbar support can be controlled with a knob on the side of the chair. Internal lumbar support is the only distinguishing feature between OFC and other chairs from the brand.


Maxnomic chairs, this time not just the Maxnomic gaming chairs but all chairs from the Maxnomic brand, are thickly padded with high-density cold foam padding. This cushion is the very best out there; very dense and resilient. This enhances both comfort and durability – it doesn’t say or cause uneven weight distribution.

Forward recline and tilt lock

Unlike most gaming chairs with recline function starting from 90 degrees, OFC chairs begin from 83 degrees indicating a forward tilt that lets you get substantial support when leaning forward. It can recline as far back as 139 degrees which though isn’t the best there is, is enough to make a significant difference in relaxation and comfort. This is enhanced by the tilt lock which lets you lock the seat at a preferred angle. It works separately from the backrest recline, making double adjustment options.

4D armrests and finger indents

Maxnomic Gaming chairs come with 4D armrests, allowing users to adjust the armrests as they like – up, down, right, left, etc. This provides maximum support for arms in diverse positions. The addition of finger indents is a welcomed innovation that makes difference in comfort.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Flat wide seat
  • High-density foam padding
  • 4D adjustable armrests with finger indents
  • Internal lumbar support
  • Class 4 gas lift
  • Reclines between 83 and 139 degrees
  • Maximum weight capacity of 285 pounds


All Maxnomic OFC chairs are sold between $415 and $499. They are available for sale via their Amazon official store and third-party websites as well as on their official website – however, buying from Amazon is the best as they offer good discount having made a deal with Maxnomic. You are likely to get discounts and special deals if you buy from the official website.


Maxnomic OFC chairs are large and tall gaming chairs. They are very supportive, adaptive, and comfortable hence very suitable for long gaming sessions. They are highly recommended for average to large users.

Maxnomic XL-Series

Maxnomic XL-Series

This is an incredibly big chair from Maxnomic. It is specifically designed for tall and big users. Like other Maxnomic chairs, it is designed with comfort in mind. It has almost all the features highlighted above

The main chairs in XL are tagged Titanus series. They are heavy-duty chairs with flat and wide seats to provide more legroom just like OFC chairs. They are sturdy enough to support weight ranging from 286 pounds to 375 pounds. They come with an external lumbar pillow, unlike OFC chairs.


The Titanus series commands quite a high price. They are sold for $569 on the official website but there could be discounts or special deals. They are also available for sale on third party sites.

Maxnomic Pro-Gaming & Office


This model is loved by most top pros and Twitch personalities hence it is the preferred option for Esports partners. This is perhaps the most popular chair from the brand.

In terms of sizing, Maxnomic Pro gaming chairs are inbetween the tiny dimensions of Casual Sports and the incredible dimensions of the XL-series, making them a good fit for average size users. This contributes to their greater popularity. The maximum weight capacity ranges from 177 pounds to 220 pounds.


Due to the high demand for Maxnomic Pro models, some models may be a bit difficult to get. Some of the models are ESL team chair, official Evil Geniuses team chair, and Ergoceptor. The prices range between $399 and $429 on the official website.

Maxnomic Casual Sport (CS)

This is Maxnomic’s basic-level gaming chair. It is the most affordable chair in their collection, yet it is very sporty and has as many ergonomic features as other models.

CS chairs more suitable for kids and other users with small and slim bodies because of their much smaller dimensions. It is, however, very strong, accommodating up to 176 pounds load.


Casual Sport costs approximately $390 on the official website. It is also available for sale on third party sites but may not come with some benefits.

Note: most popular chair models from Maxnomic are Maxnomic Dominator, MaxnomicErgoceptor Pro Slightly Silver, MaxnomicQuadceptor Pro Slightly Silver, Maxnomic NEEDFORSEAT OFC, etc. This list is as indicated on the official website. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a Maxnomic chair, these are great options to consider.

Are Maxnomic gaming chairs worth the price?

There are so many cheaper gaming chair options in the market hence many users cannot but ask why spend so much on Maxnomic gaming chairs when you can spend much less on another?

Without much ado, after everything that has been said above, the Maxnomic gaming chair is a long-term investment in comfort and ultimately health. It is similar to spending a substantial amount on a good mattress. Maxnomic chairs stand head and shoulders above many others and it is obvious. If you want a gaming chair that supports you all the way, Maxnomic is the deal. Thankfully, there are now payment options you can take for easier purchase.

Payment plan with Affirm

Many gamers who wish to add Maxnomic gaming chairs to their gaming setup find the prices to be a bit steep, being a high-end collection. To make the payment easier for customers, Maxnomic partnered with Affirm. Affirm offers a flexible payment plan that allows you to spread the payment for up to 12 months, making it more affordable. For 0 to 3 months payment plan, it comes with 0% APR while 6 to 12 months attracts between 10 and 30% APR.

Using Affirm payment plan

  • Cart – add the Maxnomic chair to your cart
  • Payment option – choose Affirm as your payment option, which will take you to an Affirm page
  • Details – enter your personal information and shipping details
  • Select preferred payment terms – after filling the Affirm form, a real-time loan decision will be provided. Select the payment terms that work for you.
  • Confirm – confirm your loan and order details

Note: it is easy, quick, safe, and there are no hidden fees

Maintenance of Maxnomic gaming chairs

Maxnomic gaming chairs are some of the most durable on the market. However, if not properly managed, you may not enjoy the chair as much you should. Follow the following maintenance tips to keep your chair rocking for longer periods.

  • Keep it clean and dry

Keeping your Maxnomic gaming chair clean and dry is the very first step for elongating the lifespan. Crumbs get in the corners of your chair and liquid can spill on it as you use it, ensure you dry it immediately and get the crumbs out as often as possible. This includes wiping sweat and oil off your chair with a damp cloth.

  • Keep from direct sunlight

Exposing your gaming chair to direct sunlight for too long will not just cause the leather to fail but can also make it crack.

  • Treat gently

In the heat of losing a game, many people strike, throw, or jump on their gaming chairs. Such rough treatments will do your chair no good. Also, don’t make a habit of falling into your chair – sit in the chair gently.

  • Keep pets out as much as possible

The claws of a pet are an ominous or foreboding danger for the leather of your chair, you can’t be too careful in this regard. Remember, such damage is not covered by the warranty.

Note: take heed to the above maintenance tips to ensure you get the best from your significant investment. If you are paying this much for a gaming chair, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to keep to these tips.


Maxnomic gaming chairs, produced by NEEDforSEAT, are high-end gaming chairs with amazing features. They are designed with comfort in mind hence are extremely comfortable. To make it more affordable for all, the brand partner with Affirm to provide an easy monthly payment plan. If you want a gaming chair that prioritizes your comfort and health, Maxnomic gaming chairs are the answer. Read the extensive review above as you proceed to place your order.