Top 10 Affordable And Durable Oversized Recliners For Heavy People

Top 10 Affordable And Durable Oversized Recliners For Heavy People

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Recliners are amazing chairs to have in the home or office. They are some of the coziest and most comfortable to have in your space. Every aspect of the best recliners is built to provide amazing support and ultimate comfort to users. There are diverse kinds, each with its peculiar functionality in addition to the general benefits of these chairs.

Anyone who needs the perfect chair to relax in after a long and stressful day has got to have one of these. Also, people with back pain problems as well as leg problems will receive great relief in these chairs. Elderly people and people with mobility problems are equally covered.

Recliners are not just about functionality, they are also very stylish and elegant. Top recliners will add color and brightness to any décor. So, you are not taking anything from your space in the name of comfort, which is definitely the most important thing.

big and tall recliners

Key Considerations When Buying Heavy Duty Recliners Up to 600 lbs

When purchasing heavy duty or oversized recliners for big and tall people, with a weight up to 600 and even more, it is important to get key things right to ensure support and comfort are not compromised, as well as the durability of the chair. key factors to bear in mind when buying extra wide recliners include:

  • Interact with the chair

In this modern world, there is hardly anything that is not available for sale online and will be delivered at your doorstep. It makes life easier in addition to the fact these products are sometimes cheaper than what is obtainable in stores for several reasons. Also, online purchases give you the opportunity to see what many customers are saying about the product you want to buy.

However, buying certain products online comes at a greater risk. This is the case with the purchase of heavy-duty recliners online. You need to interact with this recliner; sit in it and get the exact feeling. It is good to go online such as Amazon to check the features of the extra-wide recliner as well as what users are saying about it but it is imperative for you to ensure it meets your peculiar needs. Even if you will eventually purchase it online, make sure you get proper interaction with the chair. For example, it’s possible someone you know recommends it and you have tried it.

  • Weight capacity of the chair

As a big and tall or heavy user, one of the very first features you want to check in the recliner is the weight capacity. This is not to say small-sized and mid-sized users should not check the weight capacity of a recliner before purchasing it but heavy users need to pay extra attention.

The weight capacity of recliners varies significantly; some can conveniently carry up to 700 lbs while some others cannot carry more than 250 lbs. All models come with their weight capacity clearly stated. It is best to go for a weight capacity of almost 100 lbs beyond your weight for proper support as well as durability. This is also important because some of the products specified to be able to carry up to 500 lbs may not be able to do so in reality. Check what other heavy users say about the actual weight carrying capacity.

  • Weight of the Chair (including the dimensions)

Besides the weight capacity of big and tall recliners, another important weight-related factor is the weight of the chair. the weight these recliners vary a great deal – some are as heavy as 100 pounds while others weigh much lesser. The weight of the chair does not necessarily impact the carrying capacity of the chair, depending on the materials used.

Heavyweight recliners are perfect for users who their recliners will mostly be kept in one place. For users who will move their recliners quite often, it is better to go for recliners that are not so heavy.

Besides the weight of the chair, the dimensions are also very important. The width and height of the recliner must be considered, not just to be sure the back height and the seat width is appropriate but also to ensure the chair will fit easily through the door. The seat depth, width, and height play key roles in the comfort provided by a recliner, hence make sure they are perfect for you.

  • Features

Recliners have diverse features, all geared towards appropriate support and ultimate comfort for users. Usually, the more the features, the higher the cost. Therefore, if you want more features, you must be prepared to pay more. If you are on a low budget, you should consider sticking with basic features. The most important factors in the selection of features are the peculiarities and needs of users.

One of the key features to consider is whether is it a manual or power recliner. If you want effortless reclining and you have the budget, go for power recliners that can be easily controlled with remote control.

Users with mobility problems including elderly people should choose heavy-duty recliners with a lift mechanism that lifts and tilts the chair for easy getting and out of the chair. people who have a problem sleeping or love the back and forth movement of recliners should go for rocker recliners. Rocker recliners are perfect for nursing mothers as well as nurseries.

Then, another very important factor is space management. If you do not have too much space to spare, wall hugger recliners are the best. They glide forward before reclining to ensure they don’t hit the wall.

  • Construction materials

The material used in the total engineering of an oversized recliner play key roles in its comfortability and durability. This begins with the frame of the chair. Steel, hardwood, and plywood are common frames used for the construction of recliners. For adequate support for heavy people as well as the durability of the chair, steel and hardwood frames are the best. If you are going with a heavy-duty recliner made with a wood frame, ensure it is properly stapled. Also, the mechanisms of the chair, such as reclining and lifting mechanisms, must be constructed with reliable materials like heavy-duty steel. Check the base of the recliner to ensure the screws used are heavy duty and are well screwed.

Next to the frame is the upholstery. The materials used for the upholstery determine the comfort and the durability of the recliner. Leather, polyester, and fabrics are common materials used for recliners upholstery. Leather is the best upholstery material but not everyone likes the feel of leather. It could either be top-grain leather or split leather. Top-grain leather is better, both in comfort and durability. If you don’t like the feel of real leather, there are good quality fabrics and suede options you can explore. In some extra wide recliners, acrylic, polyester, and cotton are combined for the upholstery.

If a fabric upholstery is what you prefer or what you can afford because real leather can be quite expensive, there are two ways to know if you are getting good quality. Firstly, rub your thumb or any finger in a circular motion for about 60 seconds, if you observe fuzzing then the fabric may not be the best. Secondly, rub your hand on the material in one direction and in the opposite direction, if you observe the threads coming out, then you may want to consider going for another heavy-duty recliner with a better upholstery material.

  • Safety and Comfort

Safety is a very important consideration when purchasing an oversized recliner. While there should not be major safety majors because recliners are generally constructed with safe materials, certain parts of the chair require attention. For instance, there should not be any gap between the extended footrest and the seat. If at all there is any space between these two parts of the chair, then ensure it does not exceed 5 inches. This is very important in homes with children and pets who could get stuck in these gaps.

Comfort is the summary of all the features of any recliner. For ultimate comfort, pay attention to all the features highlighted so far. In addition to this, ensure the chair is well-cushioned. The backrest, the seat, and the armrests must be well-padded. Ensure key body parts, such as the lumbar region, are adequately supported.

  • Price

We all wish we are not limited by resources in any way but this is far from reality. Our capacity varies significantly, so also the prices of big and tall recliners. High budget users may not need to pay too much attention to price but low budget users have to consider this when selecting the perfect extra wide recliner for them. As a low budget user, carefully select a recliner within your budget range which will usually require you to stick to basic features.

  • Warranty

The final consideration is by no means the least. For what it’s worth, a long-term warranty is a pointer to the quality of the recliner. To ascertain long term usage, get a product with a decent warranty period.

Top 10 Oversized Recliners On The Market

There are so many extra wide recliners in the market that picking the perfect one for you can be a very challenging issue. Considering the factors above in hundreds of products is not easy. To cut the chase short, we reviewed hundreds of big and tall recliners and came up with the top 10, considering several factors including budget. Check the reviews below before placing an order for a heavy-duty recliner.

  1. Homegear Air Leather Heavy Duty Power Lift Electric Recliner
oversized recliners - Homegear Air Leather Heavy Duty Power Lift Electric Recliner

This is an incredible heavy-duty recliner with a magnificent 700 lbs weight capacity. You never have to worry about the capacity of this chair to carry your weight.

There is much more to Homegear Air Leather Heavy Duty Power Lift Electric Recliner than the extreme weight capacity. The entirety of its design and construction is geared towards users’ ultimate comfort and convenience.

It is loaded with features that leave users very satisfied. Typically, getting out of a recliner – especially one that reclines as much this heavy-duty recliner – can be very challenging for heavy users and people with mobility problems. This oversized recliner is designed to ensure users have no issue getting in and out of it, thanks to the built-in dual-motor power lift that simplifies getting in and out of the chair. Combining its rare weight capacity with the excellent power lift surely puts this extra wide recliner among the best but there are still other key features.

Key features

  • 180 degrees Recline

The very ingredient of comfort in recliners is that they recline. Even in standard sizes, not too many models of recliners truly have 180 degrees recline – that is lays back to an almost flat position to give users the feeling of a standard mattress. To have a heavy duty recliner reclines up to 180 degrees is a really sweet thing.

The build is so sturdy that you don’t need to worry about tipping or compromising the durability of the recliner. No worries at all, this recliner will carry your extra weight gracefully and lay back as far as you want. The design and construction are properly tested for this.

  • Upholstery

Like it is already highlighted in the key considerations for the purchase of heavy duty recliners, upholstery plays key parts on the comfort and durability of a recliner.

Heavy users typically sweat more than other categories of users hence breathable materials are key to having a good time in the recliner since you will usually be in the chair for long periods.

A microfiber leather material called air leather is used for the upholstery of this big and tall recliner. Getting hot, sweating and stickiness are not issues to worry about in this chair because the upholstery breathes effectively.

Other features

  • The engineering is so solid that adequate su
  • port is provided for people weighing beyond 500 pounds.
  • This recliner is well-cushioned and well-padded to ensure it gives ultimate comfort.
  • Key body parts such as the lower back or lumbar are adequately supported to there are no issues with body pain.
  • Details such as storage pouches are also perfectly included in the design of this heavy-duty recliner, allowing users to keep a few things.
  • Finally, though this oversized recliner is loaded with functionality, it is still very elegant. The air leather looks pretty cool. It is nice furniture to have in your room.


Homegear Air Leather Heavy Duty Power Lift Electric Recliner is an heavy duty recliner that will conveniently accommodate extra-large people up to 770 lbs. This, as well as the 180 degrees recline, is the deal-breaker for most users. If you want a heavy duty recliner that will seamlessly support your extra weight, lays back to a flat position, and add spice to your space, this is the recliner to get. It is very hard to get a recliner that matches its weight capacity and have at least the same level of functionality.

  • Gladiator Power Rocker Recliner

The next heavy-duty recliner on our list is this amazing recliner from Lane Home Furnishings.  It is designed to carry up to 500 pounds of weight without tipping nor breaking.

In the list of key considerations, we emphasized that steel and hardwood are the best materials especially since it borders on heavy users. Lane constructed this heavy-duty recliner with 7-gauge steel components making it a very sturdy and reliable recliner for heavy users. The heavy-duty steel bears the extra weight of users like any standard recliner bears the weight of other users. No worries at all. This sturdiness and reliability put this chair among the best heavy-duty recliners.

For extra safety, security, strength, and durability, the armrests of this recliner are bolted to the mainframe. This highlights Lane’s commitment to the safety and ultimate comfort of users.

Key features

  • Super Easy Reclining

The robust heavy-duty characteristic of this recliner is felt immediately you get in it. The ease with which it bears your weight will dissolve any fear or doubt you may have.

Then it gets to the recline. Heavy users are typically afraid of tipping in a recliner or breaking the reclining mechanism but you can let go of your fear here. This recliner offers one of the best power reclining for people above 400 lbs. It reclines back so easily that you are assured of safety.

The reclining mechanism is controlled by a button placed on the left side. This button is strategically positioned to ensure all users can easily reach it. Holding the button down engages the recline mechanism – the footrest is first lifted before the backrest then reclines gently. Immediately you take your hand off this button, the recline motion stops. This gives users the opportunity to recline the chair to their preferred position hence giving ultimate comfort.

Other features

  • Upholstery

The upholstery material of this chair is also amazing. Beginning from the look to the feel on the skin. It looks pretty cool for any decor and does not have sweating issues.

  • Durability

The use of 7-gauge steel for the frame as well as other quality materials ensures that this heavy-duty recliner lasts many years without any problem.


Gladiator Power Rocker Recliner is an amazing heavy-duty recliner with a power reclining mechanism. Supporting up to 500 pounds and reclining quite easily are two outstanding features of this recliner. It is very solid and durable. It comes highly recommended.

  • Mega Motion 500 lb Big Lift Recliner

This heavy-duty recliner comes from a brand known for the inclination to help people who are typically left out in the mobility industry. They designed this recliner to meet the peculiar need of oversized users hence you can expect it to be very comfortable and reliable, given the popularity of the brand (Mega Motion) in making life easier for folks who typically find it a bit more difficult.

It is designed to support up to 500 lbs of weight. This is based on the sturdy engineering of the chair. It is engineered to provide adequate support for extra body weight without any weakness.

Key features

  • Lift mechanism

In addition to great weight capacity, this heavy-duty recliner is designed with a lift feature that lets users get in and out of the chair easily. It is controlled by a button.

  • Reclining mechanism

The reclining mechanism of this big and tall recliner is controlled by a built-in electric motor that allows it to recline fully as well as to two other positions, bringing about extra comfort for users.

The electric motor is controlled by a remote attached to the recliner to avoid being misplaced.

  • Upholstery

Fabric material is used for the upholstery of this heavy-duty recliner. This removes any heat or sweat related issue, especially in summer. It is also adequately cushioned – not rock hard and not too soft.

Other features

  • It comes in several colors allowing users to choose their preferred color based on their decor.
  • It is very stylish and comfortable especially for users who prefer fabric upholstery.


500 lb Big Lift Recliner is a heavy-duty recliner from Mega Motion. It is made to cater to oversized users hence all its features serve this purpose. It is recommended for everyone below the 500 lbs weight limit.

  • The Stallion Recliner

This big and tall recliner is called ‘the beast’ by many users. This is not just for the sake of giving it a name but in reference to its incredible features and functionality.

This recliner with a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs is considered the best big and tall recliner by many users and this is a very valid claim for several reasons.

Key features

  • Perfect for tall people

The very first feature to highlight about this recliner is its suitability for big and tall people. It is designed with a high back and headrest that provides adequate support for tall people. It accommodates up to 6.8 feet height which is the size of a king-size mattress.

  • Sturdy engineering

The frame of this heavy-duty recliner is made from steel. This includes its seat box. This solid construction is the foundation of its heavy-duty rating. It bears the extra weight of users without the fear of tipping or breaking the recline mechanism of the chair.

  • Wall-saver feature

The Stallion Recliner is designed to recline without banging into walls. The built-in wall-saver feature moves the chair forward as it reclines, allowing users to manage space. This offers flexibility about the position of this recliner.

Other features

  • It is generally well-padded making it a very cozy and comfortable recliner.


If you want a recliner that will accommodate your long frame gracefully, offering amazing relaxation and ultimate comfort, then The Stallion Recliner is a great option.

  • Catnapper 450 lbs Oversized Recliners

This is an incredible catnapper recliner. The rave about this recliner among users is so much that you would want to see what they are talking about.

It is designed with a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs. This rating is better than most products declared as 500 lbs because it truly carries up to the weight limit. The frame is heavy duty, so also the materials. The overall comfort level is astonishing such that several hours in this chair can seem so short.

Key features

  • Heavy-duty engineering

This is a heavy-duty recliner designed to support heavy people including obese people. It has a lift feature that makes it very easy to get in and out of.

  • Backup power

This power recliner comes with backup power that allows users to continue enjoying the functionality of the chair even when they lose electricity. This very vital feature is a rare one making Catnapper 450 lbs one of the best power recliners to have. 9v batteries supply the backup power required for maintenance of functionality. This ascertains that users are not stuck in awkward positions.

  • Seamless Recline

The reclining mechanism of Catnapper 450 lbs is powered by an electric motor. It is designed to easily recline to a number of positions.

Other features

  • Just as it is an oversized recliner itself, its side pockets are also oversize, allowing users to keep a number of things for an extra relaxation and comfort experience.
  • The amazing comfort level makes it the chair to curl up in for a great nap.
  • It also provides adequate support for people with back problems


Catnapper 450 lbs is one of the best heavy-duty recliners. Heavy-duty frame and materials, easy recline into multiple positions, and oversized pockets, crowned with a backup power supply. This is the heavy duty recliner to nap in.

  • Seatcraft Pantheon Big and Tall Recliner

This is a top theater recliner. This super comfortable and feature-rich recliner was designed with tall and big people in mind. The wider and deeper seat makes it the perfect chair for big and tall people. It is 24 inches deep and 26.5 inches wide.

It is constructed with a reinforced wood frame designed to carry up to 400 pounds of weight. This top-notch hardwood frame does not bend or warp, a common scenario with cheaper steel. It has diverse modern features, all geared towards ultimate comfort.

Key features

  • Loaded with functionality

Seatcraft Pantheon Big and Tall Recliner has so many features with the aim of giving users extra comfort. The inclusion of lights for the cup holders is one of such. This comes in handy in the dark. However, users have the freedom of turning it off if they do not like it.

  • Adjustable parts

The backrest of this big and tall recliner is the perfect example of its amazing functionality.  The lumbar, recline, and headrest are all adjustable just at the push of a button. This flexibility and versatility let users enjoy a personalized or customized experience that takes the overall comfort to an entirely different level. Another amazing functionality is the ability to save preferred positions. At the push of a button, you are back in your favorite position next time.

Other features

  • It is designed with USB charging port that allows users to power their devices even as they relax.
  • It has hidden storage compartments, ambient light beneath the chair, and swivel tray tables.


Seatcraft Pantheon Big and Tall Recliner is loaded with modern features that do not interfere with its fundamental features. It is very strong and reliable, offering great support and comfort to users. It is highly recommended for tall and big users.

  • Catnapper Burns Infinite Position Power Recliner

For anyone who has tasted or knows about the far-reaching benefits of using a powered recliner, embracing a manual recliner is very difficult.

Catnapper Burns Infinite Position Power Recliner comes with a power system that makes it very easy to use. Old people and people with mobility issues will have no difficulty getting in and out of this chair. It is designed to make life easier for users.

It is important to note that there might be a need to get help in installing this chair, especially if you are not mechanically driven. This may cost a few bucks but it’s worth the comfort and relaxation provided.

Key features

  • Upholstery

This heavy-duty recliner is upholstered with woven velvet which feels very nice on the skin and is durable. You also do not need to worry about sweating when seated for long periods because the material is breathable.

  • Independent adjustability of the back and the footrest

Mostly, the back and footrest of recliners are set in motion by the recline mechanism. However, being able to adjust these two parts separately give extra comfort. This means you can adjust the footrest without reclining the chair, a factor that allows users to get more comfortable positions.

  • Reclining mechanism

Being a heavy-duty recliner, the reclining mechanism is made to be very strong and durable. This is imperative given that it is one of the most important aspects of a recliner. The reclining mechanism is made of strong steel, providing the sturdy frame to support up to 400 pounds of weight.

Other features

  • It is well-cushioned and well-padded to ensure users relax as long as they want without any hassle
  • It provides adequate support for the lower back hence contribute greater to relieving pain.


Catnapper Burns Infinite Position Power Recliner is an amazing recliner with great functionality. The reclining mechanism is strong and durable. The ability to adjust the footrest and back separately gives extra comfort to users. It is highly recommended.

  • Hogan Oversized Recliner

This oversized recliner requires enough space because it is designed in a similar size to Loveseats though it is meant for a person. It is really wide.

When considering the suitability of a recliner for oversized people, it is not just about the weight capacity. It is possible for a recliner to offer more than enough in terms of carrying capacity but come short in terms of width. This is where extra-wide recliners like Hogan Oversized Recliner come in. It is one of the widest heavy-duty recliners hence it does not matter the size of your behind, you will fit in perfectly.

Key features

  • Extra-wide recliner

This is an outstandingly wide recliner. The total width is 59 inches, a figure that makes it rank among the widest among extra wide recliners. Big men and women as well as people with massive behind are adequately accommodated in this chair. It is designed for one big man or woman though the seat is wide enough for two persons.

  • Tall back

Hogan Oversized Recliner also comes with a tall back. The height is in the region of 80 inches hence will accommodate up 6.5 feet. The combination of extra wide seat and tall back makes this heavy-duty recliner perfect for big and tall people.

  • Almost flat recline

This recliner does not lay back flat but it gives near-flat recline allowing heavy users to enjoy extra comfort.

  • The weight capacity

The weight capacity of this heavy-duty is unfortunately not clearly specified. However, from the experience of users, people up to 400 pounds are adequately supported by this chair though 300 lbs isrumored to be the weight limit.

Other features

  • It is generously padded has a plush microfiber material finishing for extra comfort.
  • There is no sweating or sticking issues.

Note: this is an extra wide recliner hence will require enough space as well as big door frames for easy movement.


If you are an extra-wide person especially with a massive behind and you have enough space and doorway, then you don’t want to miss out on the extra comfort provided by Hogan Oversized Recliner. It is highly recommended.

  • 7980-GG Big and Tall 350 Capacity Gazette Microfiber Recliner

This is another amazing big and tall recliner. This heavy-duty recliner has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. It is designed with big and tall people in mind – it is 41.5 inches wide, 48 inches tall, and 29 inches back height.

Key features


7980-GG Big and Tall 350 Capacity Gazette Microfiber Recliner is upholstered with microfiber as evident in the name. The microfiber material used is very soft on the skin allowing users to stay comfortable in this chair as long as they want. It is also very easy to clean hence the maintenance is easy, making it suitable for homes with children and pets.

Perfect for big and tall people

It is both high and wide hence is a perfect option for big and tall people.

Other features

  • The engineering is very solid hence adequate support is provided for users within the weight limit of 350 lbs.
  • It is well-padded to provide ultimate comfort for users


7980-GG Big and Tall 350 Capacity Gazette Microfiber Recliner is a great heavy-duty recliner. It is very strong and pretty comfortable. The manual lever is quite strong and easy to manipulate.

  • Infinite Position 325 lbs

This heavy-duty recliner allows users to position the chair in so many positions. It is designed with two individual motors that make diverse positioning of chair and footrest possible. This flexibility allows users to get the best position for their ultimate comfort.

Key feature

  • Heavy-duty rating of 325 pounds

This heavy-duty recliner is engineered to accommodate up to 325 pounds of weight without tipping or breaking the reclining mechanism.

  • Upholstery

It is upholstered with a soft material that feels great on the skin. It is also strong enough to carry heavy users for many years. It is equally well-cushioned to give users extra comfort.

  • Backup power supply

It comes with a backup power supply that allows users to continue enjoying the power recline even when they lose electricity. This ascertains that users are not stuck in awkward positions.

  • Lift feature

It is designed with a lift mechanism that makes it easier for users to get in and out of the chair. This includes old people and people with mobility problems.

Other features

  • It comes in several colors hence users have the opportunity to select their preference.


Infinite Position 325 lbs is a heavy-duty recliner that allows users to recline in several positions. It is very solid and pretty comfortable. Users with limited mobility will also enjoy the lift mechanism.  It is a great heavy-duty recliner to have.


  • Don’t forget to check what users say about the maximum weight capacity because some models don’t carry as much as they are billed to. This may be due to the testing used and it could also be marketing tricks. Therefore, pay attention to what other users say and preferably go for heavy-duty recliners that are at least 100 lbs above your weight.
  • For low budget users, it is important to stick with features that meet your need and focus on getting the best quality possible.
  • Again, try to interact with any heavy-duty duty recliner you want to buy to be sure it meets your needs before buying.

Does Warranty cover recliner damages due to heavyweight?

Heavy users always have this concern lurking in their minds. Basically, if you follow the advice given above that is sticking with recliners with a weight capacity of at least 100 lbs more than your weight, the chances of breaking the chair are low. In case this happens within the warranty period of the recliner, then you should be covered since you are within the weight limit.

Note: you may be required to cover part of the coat in case of serious damages.

Exceeding the weight limit of the recliner voids the warranty.


Big and tall recliners or oversized recliners or extra wide recliners are not as common as standard recliners but are lately with more than enough options for oversized people to pick from. The 10 reviewed above is subsequent to a review of hundreds of heavy-duty recliners. Several key considerations, as highlighted above, were considered in arriving at the list. Check the above review before placing an order for an oversized recliner.