Are Rooms To Go Recliners Reliable? Find Out The Truth

Are Rooms To Go Recliners Reliable? Find Out The Truth

rooms to go recliners

Rooms To Go Recliners users reviews

Rooms To Go is quite a popular name in the furniture industry. They have been around for a while and have done quite well in several ways.

If you are reading this Rooms To Go Recliners review, you have probably read or heard a number of things about Rooms To Go as a company or Rooms To Go Recliners and you want to dig further before making the final decision. Your decision to dig further has really paid off as we’ll be providing you more detailed information about Rooms To Go and review a few Rooms To Go Recliners.

To begin with, the online rating of Rooms To Go is far from impressive. While we definitely advise potential buyers to check online ratings and get user testimonies before purchasing a product, we equally know it is not a sufficient factor especially when users are not well informed about the brand and products. Therefore, we will be offering detailed and unbiased reviews, uncovering what most users don’t know or fail to take into consideration about the brand.

Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go is a furniture retailer company established in the US over three decades ago. According to facts in the industry, it is considered the third-largest furniture retailer in the country, operating at least 226 stores. It was founded to help users save both money and time without taking anything away from the quality. The brand is a huge furniture chain that touches on diverse aspects of the industry including children’s furniture – it was the first key furniture chain to earmark some stores exclusively for children’s furniture.

Rooms To Go does not make their own furniture but partner with several great brands and collections such as Cindy Crawford Home, Sofia Vergara Collection, NFL Collection, as well as Disney Collection. Many customers do not pay attention to this fundamental aspect of Rooms To Go. Any customer that understands this will take advantage of the situation and custom order operation of the brand to get the very best deal. An important factor you must consider is if Rooms To Go is not a quality furniture company, it wouldn’t have survived decades in the industry let alone expand.

Comparing Rooms To Go With Popular Brands in the Industry

In proving that products sold by Rooms To Go are very good and reliable, it will be good to consider them in comparison to other popular and highly reputable brands in the furniture industry, especially as it pertains to recliners.

Rooms To Go Vs La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy is one of the most popular brands regarding the manufacturing of comfortable, top-quality, and durable recliners. La-Z-Boy recliners are among the most loved in the market hence they good comparison standard.


This is definitely a good place to start the comparison. Both brands have promotions that span the whole year hence customers will be able to get an amazing deal any time of the year. However, products offered by Rooms To Go are typically cheaper than those of La-Z-Boy hence are well suited for low budget users as well as top-end users.


Typically, after checking the price of a product, the next thing is to consider the quality to ensure quality is not compromised or the product is worth the price. Having said that Rooms To Go recliners are usually cheaper than La-Z-Boy recliners, it, therefore, becomes imperative to highlight the quality. Most of the negative rooms to go recliners reviews we have read online are not particularly about the quality of the products but the delivery or shipping as well as after-sales service which are definitely very important.

While Rooms To Go have to improve on these services, customers can avoid this by placing their orders way ahead of time as well as take advantage of their custom order service to significantly reduce the after-sale issues. It is also important to note that La-Z-Boy equally has complaints about the coordination of delivery times just as many other big companies.


Both La-Z-Boy and Rooms To Go have great customization options that allow customers to select what they want including the color and pillows.

Rooms To Go Vs Ashley Furniture

Ashley furniture is another huge brand with a very great reputation among users hence it would be really nice to see how Rooms To Go. Across all the features considered in the comparison with La-Z-Boy, Rooms To Go also compares favorably with Ashley Furniture.

Having discussed how Rooms To Go favorably compares with some of the most reputable brands producing recliners, let’s review a few recliners from Rooms To Go.

Reviews of Rooms To Go Recliners

  • Sedrick 39PH-3664 Power Reclining Sofa – Spence Caramel

This is a unique, sophisticated, and very comfortable recliner. It has almost all the desirable features in a recliner hence provides maximum support and ultimate comfort.


Top-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of this recliner hence it is extremely durable. Hardwood plywood, mortise, and tenon are used for the frame, providing a very strong foundation for the overall performance of this recliner. This is enhanced by corner blocking and glued joints.

Individually pocketed coil springs are included in the design to ensure adequate support and cushion is provided to users. A distinctive and luxurious-feel leather is used for the upholstery to give users extra comfort. The foam used has high resilience hence enhancing the durability of the recliner. The armrests, which are wide and well-padded, and the power headrest ensure all body parts are adequately supported.


  • Distinctive design
  • Wide and well-padded armrests
  • Power headrest
  • Comfortable leather
  • Individually pocketed coil springs


  • Assembly is required though it is nothing serious


Sedrick 39PH-3664 Power Reclining Sofa is a distinctive and comfortable recliner that will fit perfectly in any space either as blend-in furniture or to add color to space. It is very durable and highly recommended.

  • Corinne Blue Reclining Sofa
Corinne Blue Reclining Sofa from Rooms to go recliners store

This is another top-notch recliner offered by Rooms To Go. It has a contemporary and cool design which is the first attraction point for many users. It is designed to perfectly fit in any space without disrupting the space at the same time add color to space, depending on the setting. Thankfully, there is much to this recliner than the great design.

Corinne Blue Reclining Sofa is a well-cushioned recliner that provides adequate support and ultimate comfort for users. The armrests and headrest have pillows for users’ extra comfort. The frame is solid and the upholstery is top-quality hence it is a very durable recliner. The foam and internal support of this recliner help to ensure it is not too firm or too soft. Therefore, you won’t sink neither will you feel resisted by the chair.


  • Contemporary design
  • Strong frame
  • Quality upholstery
  • Well-cushioned
  • Adequate support for key body parts
  • Very comfortable


  • The back seat may not be tall enough for tall users


Corinne Blue Reclining Sofa is highly recommended – it is a great recliner to kick back and relax in.

  • Bromfield Aqua Microfiber Pushback Recliner

Bromfield Aqua Microfiber Pushback Recliner is a great recliner with amazing features. It is not too deep hence users will not sink in. it equally has a tall backrest making it perfect for tall users.

The frame is very strong hence will last a great deal. The durability is equally enhanced by the quite excellent upholstery.


  • Cool design
  • Tall back – perfect for tall users
  • Strong frame
  • Excellent upholstery
  • Affordable


  • The armrests are not well-cushioned hence could be a bit uncomfortable especially for long hours usage in certain positions.
  • The color may make it difficult to maintain especially in a home with kids and pets
  • May be too firm for some users hence compromising comfortability


Bromfield Aqua Microfiber Pushback Recliner is a great option for tall users and will fit almost any design. It is a great choice for low-budget users and will last a great deal.

  • Utila Beige Pushback Recliner

Here is one of the best Rooms To Go recliners. Just like most products offered by Rooms To Go, it is budget-friendly yet will give users great support and comfort.

The design is simple and will blend perfectly with any kind of décor. The seat is well-cushioned for extra comfort and the solid frame gives an amazing support foundation.


  • Simple design
  • Perfect for any space
  • Great support and comfort
  • Budget-friendly


  • May not be the best for a home with kids and pets
  • The back is not great for tall users
  • The padding of the armrests can be better


Utila Beige Pushback Recliner is a budget-friendly recliner with great benefits for a wide range of users. It is recommended.

  • Jensen Beach Blue Power Recliner
Jensen Beach Blue Power Recliner

This is a very amazing recliner that is perfect for a wide range of users including heavy users who are often not considered in the design of many great recliners.

Jensen Beach Blue Power Recliner is super comfortable and supportive. The frame is very strong, setting the tone for the amazing support. It is generally well-padded for extra comfort. The upholstery is neither too soft nor too firm.


  • Strong frame for adequate support
  • Well-cushioned for extra comfort
  • Well-padded armrests
  • Perfect for heavy users


  • May not be the best for tall people


Jensen Beach Blue Power Recliner is a highly recommended recliner for almost all users.


Rooms To Go recliners are some of the best recliners in the industry. If you have read a number of underwhelming reviews and ratings, then you need to read this review before making the final decision about Rooms To Go recliners.