Why Secret Lab Omega Gaming Chair Is Awesome – A Review

Why Secret Lab Omega Gaming Chair Is Awesome – A Review

Secret Lab Omega Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are important aspects of the gaming setup. In the past, not too many people paid proper attention to the implications of using just any kind of chair for gaming. With time, people begin to realize the massive impacts a gaming chair could have on their gaming experience and much more their health.

Today, almost all gamers want to get a very comfortable gaming chair for their game set up. This does not just support and keep you comfortable for many hours but also preserve your health.

There are so many gaming chair brands manufacturing amazing gaming chairs. Secretlab is one of the top brands – they have highly versatile and very comfortable gaming chairs. They are as good as any other gaming chair on the market, in this article, we will be reviewing the Secret Lab Omega Gaming Chair as well as the Secretlab Titan XL.

A Review Of The Secret Lab Omega gaming Chair

Secret Lab Omega gaming Chair is the first of many Secret lab gaming chairs. The design is pretty simple but the functionality is excellent. It is designed to support the user’s body to maintain proper posture. It is of premium quality all through.

Key features Of Secret Lab Omega gaming Chair


Secret Lab Omega gaming Chairs come in a wide range of amazing designs. Most of Secret labs gaming chairs designs are subtle except the candy pink. Secretlab’s designs are fully embroidered. The color schemes used for the edge stitches add both class and durability to the chair. for a feel or touch of luxury, a suede-like material is used on the inside of the seat.

Color Schemes and Upholsteries Options

Secret Lab Omega gaming Chair is available in three different upholsteries – fabric, PU leather, and real NAPA leather. Also, there are many color schemes and styles based on editions. For example – Secretlab Omega 2019 (all black), Secretlab Omega 2018 Stealth Edition (black w/red stitching), Amber Omega 2018 Royal Edition (black and blue), etc.


Secret lab Omega gaming chair is highly adjustable. Beginning from the 4D armrests that are adjustable in a wide range of positions. This lets you manipulate the armrests based on the needs of each occasion. Some stylish chrome paddles positioned outside help to adjust the height while the sideways movement as well as in and out movements are controlled by an inside trigger. There is also a button for pointing the armrests either inwards or away at an angle depending on the need. Wow! There is so much you can do with these armrests.

Another great part of Secret Lab Omega gaming Chair’s versatility is the amazing recline level. You can easily sit upright or lean back as much as you want. To use the tilt mechanism, use a knob beneath the chair. With this, you can get a little rock-back tilt without engaging the recline lever. Tightening or loosening the knob adds to the amazing functionality of this chair.

While making all these adjustments, the chair remains very quiet. You won’t experience any squeaking or rattling. Finally, on versatility, the wheel casters are designed well and made with quality materials hence run smoothly and silently on all kinds of surfaces without marking or damaging them. 

Head and Lumbar Pillows

Just as virtually all secret labs gaming chairs, the Secret Lab Omega gaming Chair comes with a free head and lumbar pillows made of velour memory foam. These pillows are some of the most comfortable pillows of any gaming chair. They provide support for both the lower back and the neck – this helps to keep the user’s body in proper posture. Secret Lab Omega gaming Chair’s lumbar cushion is softer than that of DXRacer. It is also not as bulky.

As excellent as these pillows are, the only problem is that they are not secured to the chair hence does not allow extensive adjustments. This means users will have to be more mindful of their adjustments.

Recline and Tilt Mechanisms

The Secret Lab Omega gaming Chair has a decent recline function – it reclines up to 165 degrees. While some chairs can go all the way to 180 degrees, 165 degrees is not enough to give users ultimate comfort. Bear in mind that some more expensive products can’t go beyond 150 degrees. This recline angle allows you to lean back if you want to relax, rest, or even read a book. Similarly, the tilt feature is great. Once you unlock the chair at the base, you can rock back and forth. The tilt can be locked at any preferred angle. The combination of these two features adds extra comfort.


The brand recommends that two people work on the assembly for easy and itch-free installation. However, it can be done perfectly by one person in about 30 minutes. The extra pair of hands recommended is perhaps needed in the area of clicking the main body into the pedestal.

Immediately you unbox the components, one of the first signs you will see is not to touch the recline lever as you assemble the chair. The reason is not given but it could either be to avoid locking it prematurely which may be difficult to reset or to avoid losing a finger because the chair snaps sharply when resetting a recline mode. Anyway, you don’t need to worry about this because you will hardly see the lever during installation because it is covered by a wide protective banner.

Usually, one of the trickiest parts in the installation of any gaming chair is the armrest. The armrests of the Secret Lab Omega gaming Chair come attached to the body hence the assembly process becomes easier.

Finally, on assembly, the instructions are very clear and will guide you step by step.

Height and Weight Recommendations

From all Secretlab’s gaming chairs, Secret Lab Omega gaming Chair is the smallest. The official height and weight recommendations are 5’11” and 240 lbs consecutively. But in order not to overstretch this gaming chair, it is better to keep the weight limit at around 200 lbs. The back is high enough as far as you below 6 inches. Sticking to these recommendations will help to ensure that you get maximum comfort and durability.

Pricing and Purchasing

Despite the amazing features and functionality of Secret lab Omega gaming chairs, they are fairly priced. For standard models, prices begin around $350 – you will get any basic color scheme. If you want greater variation, then you should prepare about $450. Secret lab Omega Gaming Chairs are available across various online platforms including their official website. Delivery is fast and customer service is excellent.

Payment Plans

Though Secretlab chairs are fairly priced, some users may still find it difficult to pay for them at once. Fortunately, Secretlab has payment plans that allow buyers to pay in installments. You can pay as little as $29 per month.


  • Great design
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Premium armrests with great adjustability
  • Premium quality materials
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Head and lumbar pillows
  • Highly adjustable
  • Diverse colors and styles
  • Affordable


  • The edges of the chair are concave and solid hence it does not offer as much flexibility as flatter surfaces – this impacts comfortability
  • As adjustable as the armrests are, the padding is a bit hard hence can be a little uncomfortable
  • The lumbar pillow does not attach to the chair
  • At first, the seat may appear too firm but it should soften with time. The brand’s bid to provide support for the extra weight of users resulted in the sacrifice of some level of softness.

How Comfortable is the Secret lab Omega gaming chair?

SecretLab Titan and Titan XL Chair

Unarguably, the most important feature in any chair is comfort. It does not matter the number of amazing features a gaming chair has, if it isn’t comfortable, it is not worth investing in. The very first consideration is comfort because an uncomfortable gaming chair will not just affect your gaming experience, it holds serious implications for your health.

Thankfully, the Secret lab Omega gaming chair is extremely comfortable. It is designed to provide adequate support for the user’s body hence helping to maintain a proper posture. It is suitable for long gaming sessions as well as for relaxation.

Cold-pure foam mix is used for the cushioning. This cushion offers a great balance between firmness and softness hence there is no need to add an extra cushion. It will keep you in a decent position and make you comfortable for as long as you need to be. It has a PU leather upholstery that keeps you cool even in warmer climates – an uncommon feature of leather upholsteries.

Should you buy a Secret lab Omega Gaming Chair?

It is considered the most versatile gaming chair there is. In addition to this, it is extremely comfortable – suitable for several sitting hours. If you want a gaming chair that will serve diverse purposes and keep you comfortable throughout the day, then this is a chair you have to try out. It is recommended for all gamers below 6 inches and around 200 lbs. Don’t forget that you have plenty of options too. If you are taller or bigger than this height and weight recommendation, then you should consider going for either Titan or Titan XL. The only aspect of Secretlab gaming chairs that is not premium is the price.

Secretlab Titan

This Secretlab chair is next to Secret lab Omega gaming chair. It can accommodate up to 6’7’’ and 290 lbs. They have so many similar features but also have some key differences. For example, the edges are not as concave as those of Secret lab Omega gaming chair hence you won’t feel choked into the chair.

Secretlab Titan chair reflects meticulous attention to detail. There’s so much to love about this chair beginning from the excellent packaging to the easy assembly. Just like Omega, it is easy to assemble thanks to clear and detailed instructions.

In terms of build quality, Secretlab Titan ranks among the most refined gaming chairs. Reinforced aluminum is used for the base class 4 heavy-duty KGS cylinder is used for the gas lift. For effectiveness and durability, stainless steel is used for making the switches on the armrests. Its PU leather upholstery is premium and far more durable than regular PU leather.

Unlike the Omega chair with an unattached lumbar pillow, Titan has built-in lumbar support hence gives more room for adjustability. All other features are the same as Omega.


  • Solid build
  • Premium quality materials
  • Wide 4D armrests
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Reclines up to 165 degrees
  • Very comfortable
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • At full recline angle, the backrest does not rock
  • The depth of the lumbar support may be inadequate for some users
  • The seat cushion may be too firm for some users

Secretlab Titan XL

Secret Lab Titan and Titan XL Chair

This is the biggest chair from Secretlab. Supports up to 6’11” and 390 lbs of weight. Titan and Titan XL are exactly the same; they only differ in dimensions and styles. If you are going for this, the patterned styles to select from are fewer – it has just 5 styles. Very soft and easy to clean Prime 2.0 PU leather is used for two while softweave fabric is used for the remaining three.

Secretlab Titan XL is for the big and tall gamers. It is 25 percent larger than Titan. Read the features of the Titan chair described above for the features of Titan XL.


Secret lab Omega gaming chair is one of the very best gaming chairs. It features premium qualities and functionality at an affordable price. It is next to none in terms of versatility and has abundant style variation. If you are looking for a gaming chair that keeps you comfortable and cool for many hours daily, then check the review above. The two other series from Secretlab are also highlighted for taller and bigger guys.