Here Are The Best 7 Most Reliable & Affordable Simmons Recliners

Here Are The Best 7 Most Reliable & Affordable Simmons Recliners

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Simmons Upholstery Phoenix Mocha Cuddler Recliner

Simmons ranks among the best brands in the furniture industry. For almost a century and a half existence, it is known for its excellent products. Everything about the products from this brand is focused on delivering ultimate comfort to all users. They are very consistent in delivering elegant, highly functional, high-quality, and durable products.

A big part of their products is recliners, which are made to give users better support and relaxation, culminating in extra comfort. Simmons recliners stand out among other brands for several reasons. Some of the features that distinguish them and keep users coming back as well as referring this brand are as follow:

Top Features that Distinguish Simon Recliners

  • Ultimate Comfort

This is beginning from the very end of the journey. The summary of all features offered by any furniture, especially recliners, is comfort. Simmons recliners are designed with users’ optimal comfort as a priority. All the variations of Simmons recliners reveal the brand’s commitment towards ultimate comfort. The materials used for the upholstery are not just top quality but also feels nice on the skin. They are overstuffed and well-padded to ascertain comfort.

  • Durability

Another feature consistent with Simmons recliners is durability. Usually, investing in a recliner costs a bit hence it is vital to get one that will remain in great shape and condition after many years of usage. All recliners from Simmons are constructed with a hardwood frame and real steel base, bringing about very sturdy engineering that will stand up to a wide range of usages. All other materials used follow this order.

  • Variation

Here is a very important feature because our taste regarding aesthetics vary greatly. Simmons recliners come in diverse colors and designs, allowing all users to choose the color and style that fits their space or décor perfectly. This personalization or customization experience is a deal-breaker for many users.

  • Easy to use

Despite the amazing comfort and relaxation offered, Simmons recliners are some of the easiest to use. All that is mostly required is to pull the easy to reach the lever and the chair reclines smoothly. Comfort does not have to be complicated; Simmons recliners are perfect examples.

  • Highly functional and versatile

Simmons recliners vary significantly in terms of features, covering all kinds of users including seniors and people with mobility or body pain problems. Some of the recliners have a rocking mechanism that allows users to sleep quite easily – nursing mothers and nursing homes love this. Some also have massage and heating mechanisms to provide users extra relaxation and comfort.

Note the following considerations as you look to purchase a Simmons recliner:

  • Size

We vary significantly in size; there are petite people and there are oversized people. in between these two extremes are a sea of mid-sized people. Simmons has displayed great consideration to cater to all users by making all categories of recliners. Tall and big users are adequately provided. Before placing an order for any simmons recliners, ensure the dimensions are ideal for you. Key dimensions to note are back height and leg height to ensure both your legs and back are well supported.

  • Functionality

As mentioned, a few times already, Simmons recliners have diverse features. The first step is to know what you want based on your needs and then look out for these features in the recliner. It is imperative to go for the features perfect for your needs.

  • Your space

Simmons recliners are usually on the big side hence will take up a bit of space. Make sure you have sufficient space as these recliners may need up to 12 inches clearance.

Here Are The Top 7 Simmons Recliners

Simmons Recliners

This amazing recliner from Simmons is one of the best simmons recliners. It is perfect for lovers looking to enjoy their favorite show together in a chair that comfortably keeps them close. It is also a great recliner for father-child, mother-child, as well as a grandparent-grandchild fun time.

To begin with, it looks pretty great. It will certainly be a great addition to any room. In terms of comfort, it is equally pretty comfortable. Hardwood is used for the frame and Beauty Rest pocketed coils are used to support the seat cushion.

Being a powered recliner, it is easier and more convenient to use. All that is required is a gentle push of a button. The included USB port allows users to charge their devices in the comfort of the chair.


  • Looks great
  • It is big enough to seat two people
  • Pretty comfortable
  • Comes with a USB port


  • For users who move their furniture quite often, this may be too bulky for you.
  • It is a basic model


Simmons Upholstery Madeline Power Cuddler Recliner is a great recliner for anyone looking to enjoy a nice time with their partner or child. It lets you stay close to the one you love with the comfort typical of Simmons recliners. It is recommended.

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  • Simmons Upholstery Malibu Rocker Recliner
Simmons Upholstery Malibu Rocker Recliner

This another very comfortable recliner from Simmons. The look is beautifully casual hence will be a great option for vacation homes. Its design is best suited for a décor that tilts more toward traditional style.

Its extra cushion gives users extra comfort. It is not an overly large chair but is big enough to give most users adequate support and ultimate comfort.

It a pretty easy to use manual recliner; it is without the common challenges of power recliners such as where to plug it or a power problem.

All the components of this recliner are high-quality hence the durability is ascertained. It is carefully packaged for shipping to ensure no component is damaged during shipping. Finally, it is very easy to assemble.


  • Extra cushion for extra comfort
  • Easy to use and reliable manual recliner
  • Color variations for personalization


  • Does not have additional features, such as USB ports and cup holders, which some users like to have
  • Assembly required though very easy
  • It is not oversized


Simmons Upholstery Malibu Rocker Recliner is a generously cushioned recliner for any user looking for extra comfort. Though basic in features, the comfort level ranks it among the most recommended.

  • Simmons Upholstery 50433BR-19 Shiloh Granite 3-Way Rocker Recliner
Simmons Upholstery 50433BR-19 Shiloh Granite 3-Way Rocker Recliner

This is a conservatively styled recliner from Simmons. It fits a wide range of usage including tailored spaces as well as more casual spaces. The details of the stitching add classiness to the chair and by extension wherever it is placed.

It is upholstered with faux leather meaning it will stand up well to rugged usage. It is easy to maintain, e.g. spills can be wiped with a damp cloth, hence is perfect for homes with children and pets.

Hardwood is used for the frame and steel is used for the base to ensure adequate support and stability for users. The seat which contains high-density foam cushioning is supported with Beauty Rest pocketed coils, making it a very comfortable recliner.It comes with cup holders.

It is important to note that this recliner will take up a bit of space hence it is important to have enough clearance.


  • Conservatively styled to fit a wide range of usage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy control


  • Assembly is required
  • Double-check the color very well as it may not look like what you see online in reality
  • Shorter users complain about the difficulty of pushing the footrest down.


Simmons Upholstery 50433BR-19 Shiloh Granite 3-Way Rocker Recliner is a great and comfortable Loveseat. It comes with matching furniture hence is perfect for a re-do of the entire living room.

  • Simmons Upholstery Aegean Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner
Simmons Upholstery Aegean Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner

This recliner from Simmons has just a color – brown. It is a fairly big chair that offers heat and massage settings for better relaxation and extra comfort.

It is upholstered with microfiber, a soft, nice to touch, and attractive material. This gives it an elegant look as well as contribute immensely to the comfortability. This material is particularly good for users who don’t who are not fans of leather perhaps because of the sweating and sticking problems.

Solid steel is used in the construction of both the reclining and rocker mechanisms to ensure stability, reliability, and durability. Also, hardwood is used for the frame. Like the last model, it is hand-assembled for better finesse.

It has two heat settings and three vibrating massage settings, both of which are easily controlled with a remote. The recliner is controlled with a lever.


  • Has two heat settings and three massage settings for better relaxation and extra comfort
  • Pretty comfortable microfiber upholstery
  • Easy to assemble


  • It requires a bit of clearance yet may not be ideal for tall users
  • The upholstery may static electricity issues, as noted by some users
  • Assembly is required
  • No additional features like USB ports and cup holders


Simmons Upholstery Aegean Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner is a great massage recliner option for users that prefer cloth upholstery to leather.

  • Simmons Bandera Mocha Rocker Recliner
Simmons Bandera Mocha Rocker Recliner

This another extra comfortable recliner from the ever-reliable Simmons. It is another conservative model.

Beauty Rest Pocketed coils are used to support the well-cushioned seat to guarantee users’ comfort. The armrests and leg rest are also well-padded for extra comfort.

The frame, especially the load-bearing areas, is constructed with hardwood for adequate support and durability. It is easy to assemble and is designed with a USB port for charging devices.


  • Well-cushioned seat supported with Beauty Rest Pocketed coils for extra comfort
  • Solid construction for adequate support and durability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a USB port


  • Assembly is required


Simmons Bandera Mocha Rocker Recliner is a big and comfortable recliner that will fit a wide range of decorations. It is recommended.

  • Simmons Upholstery Conceal Camo Power Rocker Recliner
Simmons Upholstery Conceal Camo Power Rocker Recliner

This model features a bold and classic design. It is perfect for users who want statement-making recliners.

It is upholstered with a woodsy camo pattern that will add color to any space. The bold pattern on the upholstery also helps to hide issues that would normally be pronounced on solid colors.

It is a powered recliner hence is very easy to use. It also provides much-needed help for the elderly or people with mobility problems, ensuring they can get up easily without any help.

The seat is cushioned with high-density foam and supported with quality wire springs.


  • Powered recliner – easy to use
  • Bold and lively appearance
  • Well-cushioned and adequately supported for extra comfort


  • For users who prefer conservative furniture, this is definitely not it
  • It does not come with additional features such as side pockets, cup holders, and USB ports.


Simmons Upholstery Conceal Camo Power Rocker Recliner is a bold and lively recliner for users looking for distinguishing recliners. The design does not take anything away from the support, comfort, and durability.

  • Simmons Phoenix Mocha Cuddler Recliner
Simmons Upholstery Phoenix Mocha Cuddler

This is the last recliner on our top 7 Simmons Recliners list. Its functionality is just like all other models on this list.

The seat is generously cushioned and supported by Beauty Rest Pocketed coils for extra comfort. It is upholstered an attractive and very comfortable material. It is soft on the skin but is firm enough to ensure users don’t sink in excessively.

It is a manual recliner; the reclining mechanism is controlled by the lever on the side. Steel is used in constructing both the base and the frame for greater support and durability.

It is a very wide chair – 50 inches in width. Therefore, it is ideal for heavy users. All the key parts are well-padded for extra comfort.


  • Very big
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Removable back for easier movement


  • It is big hence can be difficult to move.


Simmons Phoenix Mocha Cuddler Recliner is a great recliner for all users.


Recliners are very comfortable furniture. There are so many brands making diverse models for users hence it can be challenging getting the best or right one for you. However, Simmons is a brand you can always trust for comfort, functionality, and durability. From their diverse excellent products, we present the top 7 based on a wide of features. Check the above review before placing an order to ensure you get the perfect recliner for you.