Top 10 Lazy Boy Recliners For The Money In 2021

Top 10 Lazy Boy Recliners For The Money In 2021

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La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Gliding Recliner

Lazy Boy Recliners Review

This is indeed a uniquely named recliner – Lazy Boy recliners some times written as la-z-boy recliners. I find the name funny and quite embarrassing each time I see it. I, in fact, had to do a little digging to uncover why the range of recliners are called Lazy Boy recliners. It originated from the United States with the aim of providing hard laborers such as factory workers a relaxing chair.

The kinds of manual jobs these people did way back in 1927 required unprecedented relaxation and that was exactly Lazy Boy recliners were to do. It got his name from the way it pampers users. Hard workers having the feeling of doing nothing hence the name Lazy Boy recliner.

Lazy Boy recliners are very popular, super comfortable reclining chairs. Lazy boy recliners’ level of comfort is as unique as the name. Imagine getting in a chair after a very long, stressful day; you sink in, feels cuddled and pampered, your weight well supported, and you just forget all about the long day like you just landed on another planet. Yes, another planet – that’s where the comfort has to come from. Lazy Boy recliner is its name; who doesn’t need one of these babies in his or her space (whether at home or in the office).

In about a century of giving unprecedented comfort, so many models of Lazy Boy recliners now exist. These options make Lazy Boy recliners even more amazing – you get to choose exactly what you want and the way you want it. But with options comes the need to make choices, which is not always an easy thing to do especially when all the options are great.

To make your quest of the Lazy Boy recliner to choose easier, we reviewed hundreds of Lazy Boy recliners and came up with the top 10 best Lazy Boy recliners based on their design, style, and functionality. Before we get into the review, let’s have a brief look at the key features of a Lazy Boy recliner.

Important Features in Lazy Boy Recliners

When shopping for Lazy Boy recliners, there are unique features to look out for. These features are the key selling points without which the heavenly comfort provided by this chair will be compromised.

  • Unmatchable Lower Back Support

Support for the back, especially the lumbar (lower back) is one of the most important features of any chair especially with the high rate of lower back pain among adults.

La-Z-Boy recliners are designed to provide adequate support for the lower back, the back generally, by eliminating the gapping problem common to other brands. Most brands leave a gap between the back and the seat as users move the recliner through various positions but Lazy Boy recliners are specially adapted to the body.

For anyone with a back problem, you can’t place a price on this level of support and for anyone without back pain, this support will minimize or eliminate any risk of back pain. Lazy Boy recliners do not require you to use a blanket or pillow to support your lower back.

  • Effortless Leaning Back

Most brands of recliners require users to exert varying degrees of pressure on the footrest in order to lean back. This is not the case with Lazy Boy recliners; users can tilt the back a great deal without engaging the footrest. The more beautiful thing is that people using La-Z-Boy rocker recliner can rock in this slightly tilted position with the footrest down and locked.

  • Several locking positions for the footrest

Lazy Boy recliners are designed with three different locking positions for the footrest to enable users to choose the position they find most comfortable for them in different circumstances. Another very vital relevance of its multiple locking positions is that users do not need to focus on maintaining a comfortable position. Once you pick the comfortable position and lock the footrest, you just let go entirely – comfort all the way.

  • Dual locking mechanism for the footrest

To ensure you can let all go without any possibility of the footrest going down, Lazy Boy recliners are designed with a dual locking mechanism for the footrest. Footrests that drop when pressure is exerted are not just annoying but also dangerous especially with pets and little children around the house. With this dual lock mechanism, you will not have to worry about the safety of your favorite pets that are trying to snuggle close to you or curious little children curious about how the works.

There is no price too great to pay for the safety of your toddlers and pets.

  • 16 rocker positions with lock mechanism

Users enjoy up to almost 20 rocker positions on Lazy Boy recliners, each of which is automatically locked once a position change is made. This guarantees users that a comfortable position won’t be compromised. Changing the position requires active efforts.

In each locked position, users can lean back up to the point the feet are raised above the heart – a position with a number of medical benefits such as someone with swollen feet, especially if it’s caused by poor flow of blood.

  • Sturdy frame construction

All Lazy Boy recliners are made in the United States to ensure maximum standard for quality is met. The overall build is a very strong one; maple hardwood and oriented strand board (OSB) are used for the wood portion of the frame. This contributes immensely to the sturdy build of Lazy Boy recliners. OSB has been the go-to wood in the roofing and flooring industry for about half a century now. When compared to plywood commonly used in most furniture products, OSB is more than 10% stronger.

This solid build does not just provide a good base for support but also set the tone for durability. Lazy Boy recliners are so durable that two generations can be well catered for. Amazing.

  • Solid Block Cut Foam Used for the Padding

Usually, stuffing is used for upholstered furniture. This can never be compared to the quality offered by solid block foam used for Lazy Boy recliners.

For a better look as well as higher quality performance, the solid block foam is cut to shape. This foam provides superb padding that ensures well cushioning. It also contributes to durability.

Review of Lazy Boy Recliners

Lazy Boy Recliners - La-Z-Boy Reese Rocking Recliner

This is a bright and mid-sized La-Z-Boy recliner. For anyone looking to spice up his or her space with a splash of bright color, the more common solid red La-Z-Boy Reese Rocking Recliner is the perfect furniture to get. People who prefer conservative colors should go for the chocolate color.

The design is sleek and perfect for minimalist, contemporary, or modern aesthetic. It looks like leather and the lines are clean. This La-Z-Boy recliner does not have a powered option; the easy to control lever is on the right side.

If you prefer firmness to cushion, then this will be so perfect for you. All key features highlighted above are included in this design – good lumbar support, multiple positions of the footrest that can be locked, etc.

It is easy to maintain; the nice faux leather can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth. It is also resistant to spills.


  • Solid build
  • Sleek design
  • Firm support
  • Mid-sized chair making it perfect for mid-sized people though tall people can also it
  • Manual recliner mechanism
  • Rocker recliner
  • Easy to clean
  • Very easy to assembly


  • Isn’t real leather though it has the look
  • Manual without a powered option
  • Not very cushy
  • No USB ports, cup holders, and side pocket


La-Z-Boy Reese Rocking Recliner is a very stylish recliner perfect for mid-sized to tall people. You can either go with the bright solid red or the more conservative chocolate depending on your preference. If you want a firm, manual, and rocker recliner then try this out.

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  • La-Z-Boy Niagara Rocking Recliner
La-Z-Boy Niagara Rocking Recliner

This La-Z-Boy recliner also has bright and cooler tones, covering a wide range of users’ preferences. It is however a larger model, a great option for large people. Small people who want a lot of space are also covered.

It has an upscale look due to the great design as well as the elegant color. It is a low, wide, and super comfortable recliner. It offers a great balance between plush and clean-lined.

The legs of users are adequately supported by the continuous support footrest making it a perfect recliner for anyone with lower leg problems.

All the standard features of Lazy Boy recliners highlighted earlier in this article are well represented in La-Z-Boy Niagara Rocking Recliner.


  • Continuous support footrest for the entire leg in all positions
  • Does not require electricity


  • Large model – will not fit through smaller door frames
  • No USB ports, cup holders, or side storage pocket
  • The assembly is not so easy, according to users


La-Z-Boy Niagara Rocking Recliner is one of the large models of recliners. The design is great and the functionality is amazing. Average to large people looking for stylish, supportive, comfortable, and durable recliner should try this.

  • La-Z-Boy Anderson Power Rocking Recliner
La-Z-Boy Anderson Power Rocking Recliner

This is another petite model of Lazy Boy recliners. It is a manual recliner with a more conservative or traditional look.

The upholstery is cloth which is more difficult to maintain than leather upholstery especially in a home with little children and pets. In these situations, an extra layer can be added to protect the cloth upholstery. La-Z-Boy Anderson Power Rocking Recliner comes with a great deal of the standard features of Lazy Boy recliners.


  • Conservative and traditional outlook
  • Perfect for petite people – below 5.4 feet
  • Separate footrest


  • Not fit for large and tall people
  • No USB ports, cup holders, or side pocket
  • Difficult to maintain due to the cloth upholstery


La-Z-Boy Anderson Power Rocking Recliner is a petite model recliner with a conservative or traditional look. If you want a recliner with cloth upholstery and know how to maintain, then you may want to try this.

  • La-Z-Boy Gibson Rocking Recliner
La-Z-Boy Gibson Rocking Recliner

La-Z-Boy Gibson Rocking Recliner is a premiere model. This carefully constructed recliner is a very solid one. It has a hardwood frame made from white oak. The solid base set the tone for every other part of this chase – the upholstery is thick, well-padded, and comfortable, the seat cushion is extra thick, and the style is amazing.

this premier recliner is designed with extra support and comfort as the focus. The frame, upholstery, seat cushion, well-styled back, locking positions, and padding all work together to give extra comfort. The outstanding design will easily fit in any room or office space. The polyester comes in several colors, allowing users to have a level of a personalized or customized experience.


  • Very solid construction – made of white oak
  • Thick and comfortable upholstery
  • Soft padding
  • Extra thick seat cushion
  • Good support for the back
  • Great design
  • 3-position locking


  • This is a generally good recliner


If you are looking for a premier recliner that offers extra comfort and amazing support, La-Z-Boy Gibson Rocking Recliner is a perfect option. You don’t have to worry if it will blend with your space, the design is versatile and the polyester has several colors. It is also perfect for tall and big people.

  • La-Z-Boy Jasper Power Rocking Recliner
La-Z-Boy Jasper Power Rocking Recliner

This is another superb lazy boy recliner. Support and comfort lead the way and easy control crown it all.

It comes with a well-padded back cushion that adequately supports the back – the lower third of the back has extra padding which provides support for the lumbar region. The leather used is an aged and comfortable one. It is an ideal chair for watching a favorite show or enjoying an interesting book because of the level of support provided to the shoulder by the headrest.

The reckoning mechanism is super easy. It is designed to adjust at a moderate speed – not too fast or too slow. An inbuilt hole in the bottom of the pocket and seat directly connects the power supply of the recliner and the reclining mechanism. In about half a minute, you will reach the maximum or minimum angle. The rocking motion can be controlled in two ways – operated with the easy to use remote or maneuvered with the weight of the body.


  • Sturdy engineering
  • Built to provide extra comfort
  • Cushioned and well-padded back that provides adequate support to the entire back, including lumbar
  • The rocking mechanism is simple and easy
  • Comes with a USB port for charging smart devices


  • There is only one weakness in this model which is the fact that it does not recline as much as may be obtainable in manual rocker recliner.


La-Z-Boy Jasper Power Rocking Recliner is one of the best power recliners. If we are to give this recliner a different name, Easy Comfort rocking recliner won’t be a perfect name. If you want an amazing power recliner – extra general comfort and support as well as an easy rocking mechanism, then this is it. La-Z-Boy Jasper Power Rocking Recliner comes highly recommended.

  • La-Z-Boy Easton Rocking Recliner with Massage and Heat
La-Z-Boy Easton Rocking Recliner with Massage and Heat

This is one of the recliners for anyone with back pain. It is designed with independent massage and heat settings. These settings provide users an amazing level of relaxation and achieve ultimate comfort. All the muscles of the back that may be strained or stretched will get a soothing and relaxing massage that will make all the strain or pressure go.

Besides the heat and massage settings, this recliner general build is solid and the materials used are very comfortable. It comes in a wide range of fabrics and colors that allow users to customize or personalize the recliner to fit their space and decor. It comes with two reclining positions and users are covered a lifetime warranty though limited.


  • Great build
  • Comes with inbuilt heat and massage functions which make it super amazing for people with back pain
  • Very comfortable
  • Perfect for small people
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Fabric and color variations for customization


  • It does not cover tall and big people


La-Z-Boy Easton Rocking Recliner with Massage and Heat is a perfect recliner for people facing varying degrees of back problems. It will support, relax, and give the back muscles ultimate comfort. If you are a small person with back pain and have been craving a recliner perfect for your condition, this is hard to beat.

  • La-Z-Boy Charlotte High Leg Reclining Chair
La-Z-Boy Charlotte High Leg Reclining Chair

La-Z-Boy Charlotte High Leg Reclining Chair is a very comfortable recliner with many features. The build is very sturdy, offering amazing support to the entire body of a wide range of users irrespective of size and shape.

The design is pretty cool making it fit seamlessly into almost any kind of decor and space. La-Z-Boy Charlotte High Leg Reclining Chair is convenient as well as adjustable.

In terms of comfort, it is very comfortable and easy to use. The upholstery is soft and feels nice on the body. They are also very durable. It comes pre-assembled and the recliner mechanism tilts back smoothly.


  • Sturdy build
  • Adjustable, convenient, and comfortable
  • Comes assembled hence you don’t have to worry about the assembly
  • Reclines smoothly
  • The back is padded with high-quality foam
  • The push back recliner tilts back smoothly
  • 2-position reclining mechanism


  • It’s a manual recliner and does not recline fully


La-Z-Boy Charlotte High Leg Reclining Chair is a very smooth recliner – it tilts back with the elegance of a stationary chair. It has a cool design, high-quality foam back, and is adjustable. If you want a pre-assembled recliner with a smooth tilt mechanism and provides incredible comfort, La-Z-Boy Charlotte High Leg Reclining Chair comes highly recommended. It is equally very durable.

  • La-Z-Boy Bennett duo Reclining Chair
La-Z-Boy Bennett duo Reclining Chair

This is an outstanding recliner with distinctive features. The very first thing you will notice is the top-notch upholstery – quality all through. The engineering is incredibly strong, providing adequate support for two people of varying sizes and shapes.

When we say recliners are durable, then this has to be an example. It is designed to last a great deal. It comes with a limited guarantee for up to 5 years, a mark of assurance on its durability.

It is a super comfortable and highly functional recliner. It is very easy to assemble – it takes approximately 10 minutes. The design is amazing – it will add color to any room or office.


  • Sturdy build – built to accommodate two people of varying sizes and shapes
  • High-quality material
  • Very durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Amazing design
  • Up to 5 years limited guarantee
  • The reclining mechanism is controlled with a button
  • Comes with a USB port for charging devices


  • The obvious downside is perhaps the price of this recliner. However, it is what every cent spent on it.
  • It may also be a little difficult to maintain especially in homes with children and pets.


La-Z-Boy Bennett duo Reclining Chair is a very stylish and comfortable recliner. It is made of high-quality material hence is one of the most durable recliners. If you are looking for a recliner with an award-winning design, easy to assemble, and amazing functionality, the La-Z-Boy Bennett duo Reclining Chair comes highly recommended.

  • La-Z-Boy Greyson Power Rocking Recliner

La-Z-Boy Greyson Power Rocking Recliner is an amazing recliner designed to rock and recline with ease. The inbuilt rocker base construction and motorized reclining mechanism allows this chair rock and recline effortlessly.

It is a very comfortable and supportive recliner. The power recline mechanism, button-tufted plush seat and back cushion, inbuilt lumbar support, easy-glide casters, and independent leg rest adjustment all work together to give users ultimate comfort. Also, it has several options that allow users to customize their comfort experience. It is a great option for tall and big people.


  • Solid build
  • Adequate back support and inbuilt lumbar support
  • A motorized reclining mechanism for easy rocking and reclining
  • Has a deep and wide seat as well as a plush tall back which make it perfect for tall and big people
  • Independent leg rest adjustment for extra comfort
  • Rocker base construction
  • Easy-glide casters
  • Inbuilt USB port for charging smart devices


  • This is an impressive design with amazing functionality


La-Z-Boy Greyson Power Rocking Recliner is a great recliner designed with a power recline mechanism that allows users to take their preferred position. It is super comfortable and provides adequate support. The wide seat and high back make it perfect for tall and big people. If you are a mid-sized to big person and want a recliner that will give you ultimate comfort without taking anything away from your space, La-Z-Boy Greyson Power Rocking Recliner comes highly recommended.

La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Gliding Recliner

This is a recliner with a modern look. The picture may not the entire story; it is an amazing sight. This gorgeous design does not take anything away from the functionality provided by this recliner. Both the plush padding and the adjustable lumbar support provide extra comfort for users.

It has very firm cushions and the seat is moderately deep. Premium polyurethane foam is used for the cushioning hence is very durable. The build materials are high-quality hence will last many years.

Despite its great design and amazing comfort, the arms can be a lot better. It is short and angled hence taking a little away from the ultimate comfort.


  • Modern, gorgeous design
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • High-quality build material
  • Plush padding for extra comfort
  • Very firm cushions – premium polyurethane foam is used
  • Moderately deep seat
  • Very comfortable
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • The comfort can be better – the arms are too short and are angled in certain parts.
  • Another weakness of this recliner is its manual recline


La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Gliding Recliner is a very stylish and pretty comfortable recliner. All the features are geared towards providing extra comfort users. Besides the arms, that may be too short and angled for some people, and the manual recline, this is an excellent recliner. If you want a recliner that will add glamour to your space and offer a great deal of functionality that provides users ultimate comfort, then La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Gliding Recliner is a perfect option.

How Long Should a Lazy Boy Recliner Last?

Typically, recliners last quite well, especially if used properly. I have seen recliners that last decades and still look really great. How long a recliner lasts is usually determined by the brand and model, the level of usage, how it is used, as well as the positioning.

When it comes to brand, La-Z-Boy recliners are in their own league. The solid frame coupled with the solid foam padding makes them more durable than any other recliner. However, how well it will last still depends largely on the other three factors listed above.

How to Make Your Recliner Last

Generally, the level of care a thing receives determines how long it will last. Therefore, it is important to treat anything that you want to last a great deal with care otherwise it will be damaged in no time, regardless of the quality. Imagine how much damage throwing yourself in a recliner or positioning it wrongly can do. Basically, take care of your recliner as this will determine whether it lasts months or years.

Things you shouldn’t do to your recliner

  • Throw yourself in the recliner

This is perhaps the most common mistake people make with their recliners. Surely, you are tired and you want the comfort of your recliner very much but throwing yourself in your recliner will leave you with no recliner soon. Though the best recliners such as La-Z-Boy recliners are designed with springs to cushion your weight and rock you back, which can also feel very great. Unfortunately, doing this frequently will compromise the durability of the chair. All you need to do is; semi-squat and relax.

  • Eat and drink on the recliner

Too many people do this not necessarily because they don’t know it isn’t good for the recliner but they just indulge especially while watching a favorite show. It is better to keep food and drinks out of your recliner but if you must do, be very careful.

  • Twisting and Turning

Usually, twisting and turning is no problem at all but could harm the recliner in a few cases. For instance, frequent and abrupt turning by someone who weighs 250 pounds will have similar effects on the recliner as throwing yourself in it. Try to limit the frequency and aggressiveness of your turning and twisting.

Lazy Boy Oversized Recliner

Lazy boy oversized recliner refers to lazy boy recliners designed to adequately accommodate a group of people that are often left of the equation. Standard recliners usually cover small people to mid-sized people. Tall and big people often have to search and search before getting a recliner that is perfect for them. Lazy boy oversized recliners give big and tall people more than enough options to pick from. You no longer have to make do with whatever you can get; you can pick the perfect recliner that fits your style and space. You can as well customize or personalize the recliner as obtainable with standard recliners.

They have all features highlighted above in addition to their stronger build and bigger size.

Lazy Boy Rocker Recliner

Lazy boy rocker recliner offers rocking functions in addition to reclining functions. This is aimed at giving users better relaxation and ultimate comfort. Besides the typical reclining positions, these recliners also rock a great deal.

Some of the models reviewed above are rocker recliners. If you want extra comfort and flexibility, you may want one of these.

  • Manual Recliner Vs Powered Recliner

Earlier models of recliners were entirely manual – required users to control the recline mechanism by pulling on a lever. Recently, powered recliners entered the market, offering users the opportunity to enjoy an effortless recline mechanism. The reclining mechanism is controlled with an inbuilt button or remote control.

Both manual recliners and powered recliners have their merits and demerits hence there is always a decision to make between these two models. While some people prefer manual recliners, some others cannot use any recliner that is not powered.

Merits of manual recliner

It does not require a power source hence no issue with power affects it

It is deemed more environmental friendly by some users

Merits of powered recliner

It is perfect for people with varying degrees of limitation, helping them to enjoy a better quality of life

It is also generally easier to operate for everyone

  • Separate Footrest Vs Continuous Footrest

Recliners with separate footrests are more common than those with continuous footrest.

Recliners with separate footrests support the feet but the lower legs are not covered. On the other hand, recliners with continuous footrest provide adequate support for both the feet and the lower legs.

There is no preference in terms of which of these options to consider but people with a wide range of leg issues are better off using recliners with continuous footrests.

Generally, consider which of these fits your peculiarities and be sure it is what you need or want.

Categories of body sizes

  • Extra Tall (people with at least 6 feet 3 inches)
  • Tall (people ranging from 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 2 inches)
  • Small (people ranging from 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 9 inches)
  • Petite (people with a maximum of 5 feet 4 inches)


Lazy boy recliners are some of the most stylish, most comfortable, most supportive, as well as most durable recliners. There are so many models with a wide range of functionalities. There are certain fundamental features in all the models but there are also key differences. If you are looking to purchase a La-Z-Boy recliner, check the review of the top 10 above as well as key things to consider when buying lazy boy recliners.